How Men Can Avoid Laugh Lines and Wrinkles

How Men Can Avoid Laugh Lines and Wrinkles

Many beauty articles are devoted to providing women with tips and tricks in order to look their best. However, we need to remember that the majority of men are just as concerned about their appearance. While topics such as increasing lean muscle mass and dealing with a receding hairline have been covered in great detail, the same cannot be said in regards to retaining youthful-looking skin. Are there any tips and tricks to consider if you are hoping to avoid the effects of ageing? What supplements could be worth a closer look at how can your lifestyle determine your visual appearance? These questions are very important for those who are fighting off the impacts of fatherhood.

How Men Can Avoid Laugh Lines and Wrinkles

Key Supplements that Men Should be Taking

Supplementation can go a long way towards keeping you looking young and healthy. Ironically, many products designed for women can actually work for men. There are still some gender-specific recommendations that should be considered. For example, vitamin E will provide your skin with a sense of elasticity while supplements containing silica can contribute to healthy hair and nails. Another interesting choice which has been gaining ground in recent years involves the use of CBD oil (such as the products offered by Nordic Oil), as this all-natural substance contains a plethora of antioxidants that will protect your skin from cellular damage.

Substances to Avoid

On the other side of the coin, it is important to note that men should abstain from specific substances in order to protect their skin. Chemicals such as nicotine and alcohol will cause the face (and the entire body) to age prematurely, so avoid these at all costs. Chemical cleansers and face washes can likewise remove moisture from the skin; contributing to the increased presence of wrinkles. Another culprit can be seen in the long-term use of stimulants such as caffeine. If you are able to embrace healthier lifestyle habits, it is a foregone conclusion that your skin will reflect such a choice. This brings us to the final section.

Lifestyle Habits to Embrace

Skin will age much faster when it is exposed to excessive levels of ultraviolet light. So, make it a point to wear plenty of sunscreen if you happen to be working outside. Drink between four and six litres of water each day in order to remain properly hydrated. When possible, find ways to deal with any pent-up stress. Stress is a well-known cause of premature ageing. Finally, obtain the proper amount of sleep each and every night. A lack of sleep will inevitably contribute to the formation of laugh lines and eventually, wrinkles.

In some ways, judging a book by its cover makes perfect sense when referring to the effects of ageing. Those who look young and vigorous tend to be healthier on the inside, so the suggestions outlined above should never be taken for granted. You will be surprised to learn how these subtle changes can make all of the difference in the world.

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