Natalia Diamante Bryant: Things to Know About Kobe Bryant Daughter

Natalia Diamante Bryant

Natalia Diamante Bryant born January 19, 2003 (age 18 years), to the late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, is a booming star that we need to be aware of. Why? Because this “beauty with the brain” who surmounts incomprehensible and extraordinary skills is the next star in the modeling industry. 

With many accolades under her belt, Bryant has set out to carve a niche in the most competitive field. Not to mention, her glamour and elegance along with the skills acquired have resulted in noteworthy effectiveness. 

Bryant, who is the oldest daughter of the late NBA legend, Kobe Bryant and model Vanessa Bryant, has three siblings. She has three younger sisters. Gianna (2006-2020), Bianka and Capri. She is also the great-niece of John Cox and a beloved granddaughter of Joe Bryant. 

While her family tree is very exotic and traces back to the reputable Joe Bryant, there is much more to know about this beauty who is set to rock the floor with her modeling grooves. 

In This Blog, We Will Jot Down Some Important Things You Need To Know About Natalia Diamante Bryant; Which Will Put You In Awe Of The Individual She Strives To Become…

Handling The News Of Her Family Members Death Was Too Much:

The NBA legend Kobe Bryant and her younger sister met an unexpected ending due to the helicopter crash. The news of her family members dying led to Natalia Diamante Bryant hospital. She was rushed to the hospital as she was hyperventilating. 

The eldest daughter in the household, Natalia Diamante Bryant asthma. As she is a patient with asthma who suffers from breathing complications could not stop hyperventilating. After she came to know about the death of her father and sister, she collapsed. 

An Athletic Phenomenon, Just Like Her Father:

Natalia Diamante Bryant age 18 Year old and she was an alumnus of Sage Hill High School. But did you know? She inherited the athletic skills exactly like that of her father. Kobe Bryant is no longer with us due to the untimely death he met during the helicopter crash. However, one can notice the skills and motif in his daughter Natalia Bryant. 

Being influenced by her late father’s ideals and spirit regarding matches, Natalia Diamante Bryant playing basketball, however, she took a liking to volleyball. Later she was given the role of the captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team

Natalia Diamante Bryant Family

Instead of sticking to Natalia Diamante Bryant playing basketball, her mastery over volleyball could be witnessed by noticing the record of kills she set in a single season. The record was prevalent for four consecutive years. 

Flying High With Flying Colors:

Natalia Bryant who soon graduated from Sage Hill Highschool applied to prestigious colleges of her dreams. Her dream was to start her journey afresh after the death of her father. It came true in the form of an acceptance letter. On Tuesday, March 30, mom Vanessa Bryant shared the special moment in an Instagram post. In the short clip, it was seen that she was jumping up and down, shouting “I got in! I got in!”. 


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The eldest daughter of Bryant got into the University of Southern California. Soon, Natalia Diamante Bryant Instagram and posted a picture of her wearing a sweatshirt from USC. She commemorated the moment of her college acceptance with grace and joy. 

Natalia even shared the video on her Instagram page with her humblest sense. She wrote that she was crying “tears of joy,” and wished how good it would have been if Natalia’s dad and sister, late Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant, would have been there to witness her success. 

Everyone Was Happy: 

Her mother took to social media expressing her elation, writing,

“I know daddy is so PROUD OF YOU. I am so PROUD OF YOU!! Your hard work and dedication were so worth it. You pushed through the most excruciating pain imaginable and you succeeded. I wish Daddy and Gigi were physically here to celebrate but I know they’re here in spirit. We love you so much!”

Her mother wasn’t the only one who was drowning in delightful feelings and with the joy of seeing her daughter get ahead. As many came forward to congratulate her. Storm Reid and Lily Collins were among those who commented the following, 

 A “Yesssss” from Lily and a “CONGRATULATIONS” from Storm

While some IMG Models also left a few heart emojis to show their support and appreciation. She also got acceptance letters from the University of California and the University of Oregon. One can take this as an example of her potential.  

From The Classroom To Ramp Walk:

With the modeling world adding another huge star into its realm, the beauty showed promising talent on the stage. 

Natalia Diamante Bryant Height being 5’9 has shown the potential to become the next big model. She signed a modeling deal with IMG Models in February 2020. Being among the latest to join Gigi Hadid, Gisele Bundchen, and Ella Emhoff showcases how far she has come. 

Natalia Diamante Bryant, age 18, took to her social media account on Instagram to post a picture along with writing about how she felt. 

She writes “I have always been interested in fashion since a very young age. I have a love for the industry and ever since I can remember I wanted to model. There is a lot to learn but I feel this is a great opportunity for me to learn and express myself creatively.”

Her mother, being gladdened by seeing the reach of her daughter, comments on the picture, telling, “Yay Nani! I love you. So happy for you baby.”


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Though the loss of the NBA legend and her sister may continue to grieve the Bryant family, Natalie continues to fight. She continues to put a smile on the faces of her family members with her success. 

Natalia Still Misses Her Father And Sister:

Overcoming grief isn’t easy, and it sure is tough for the Bryant family to overcome the loss they have suffered. While the world mourns the loss of the NBA star, Natalia paid homage to the loved ones she lost. 

Natalia Diamante Bryant Height 5’9, aged 18, stood in front of the mural in remembrance of her father and daughter. With Beyonce’s song,  ‘XO’ and ‘Halo’ Surge in Kobe Bryant Memorial Performance, they submerged in the procedure. 

A Sweet Homage, A Sweet Consolation:

Miss Bryant pays homage from time to time. It not only showcases her love and respect for her father but shows how far she has come as a daughter. She especially honored her late father at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. 

Natalia and Vanessa received a jacket and the ring for the late legend during the Tip-Off Celebration and Awards Gala. It is a part of the Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony. In the photos taken in the ceremony, Natalie wears Kobe’s ring and jacket while mom Vanessa struts beside her.

Natalia Diamante Bryant : Bio-Wikis

☛ Real Name Natalia Diamante Bryant
☛ Birthday January 19, 2003
☛ Birthplace Los Angeles, CA
☛ Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
☛ Nationality American
☛ Age age 18 years old
☛ Profession
Volleyball player
☛ Dating/Girlfriend N/A
☛ Married/Wife Unknown
☛ Net Worth $6 Million
☛ Parents Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant
☛ Siblings Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant

Ending note:

Natalia Bryant continues to march ahead of the journey to achieve her dream. To witness her growth, follow Natalia Diamante Bryant Instagram.