What Relationship Did Gunilla Von Post Have With JF Kennedy?

Gunilla Von Post

Did you know that Gunilla Von Post, a Swedish aristocrat claimed that she had an affair with JF Kennedy in the year 1950? Actually, there are details about their relationship in the book that she published back in 1997. So, for those, who wish to know the title of that book, it’s Love Jack.

In this article, we will talk about Gunilla Von Post and her relationship with John F Kennedy. So, if you want to know more about her life then you will find some riveting facts here. Now’s the time to read this article and get all the info on Gunilla.

A Brief On Gunilla & Kennedy

As per the sources, there are speculations that the Swedish Aristocrat Gunilla Von Post was perhaps a mistress of JF Kennedy. In fact, it’s worth noting that Kennedy met her just weeks before he tied knots with the former first lady Jacquline Bouvier.

There are more stories that confirm the relationship between the duo. For example, there are reports that Gunilla Von Post met Kennedy during the time of summer of 1953. In fact, they had a long relationship of about 3 years or so.

Furthermore, it’s also true that JF Kennedy tried to put an end to his marriage with Bouvier during this time. He wished to bring Gunilla to the US to be together after Bouvier had suffered a miscarriage in 1955. However, that plan never bore fruit.

JFK’s Letters To Gunilla

Now, a few officials have unearthed the letters that Kennedy wrote to Gunilla Von Post. The eight-page collection of notes between JFK and Gunilla was written mostly in the years 1955-1956. This is the time when Kennedy was serving as the Senator of Massachusetts, US.

So, from the letters, we could find some affection between the duo. In other words, we found the exchange of words between them that showed their affection for each other. So, here are a few excerpts of the letters to have a decent idea about their relationship.

In one of the letters, Kennedy wrote, “If you don’t marry come over as I should like to see you…I had a wonderful time last summer with you. It is a bright memory of my life, I am anxious to see you…is it not strange after all these months?”

He even added, “perhaps at first, it shall be a little difficult as we shall be strangers- but not strangers…and I am sure it will all work and I shall think that though it is a long way to Gunilla, it is worth it.”

There are other letters where Kennedy expressed his love in more detail. He complimented Gunilla saying that she was wonderful and that he missed her so much. However, their love couldn’t bear fruit as they had to stop seeing each other after 1958.

Letters In The Auction

So, it’s worth mentioning that letters are indeed going up in the auction. In fact, an auction house of Boston is selling off three of the revealing love letters. Kennedy wrote those letters to Von Post before marrying Jackie.

According to Bobby Livingston who is the executive vice president of RR Auction, the conditions of the letters indicate that Von read these letters a lot of times and carefully handled them. In fact, she said that one could read all the biographies in the world. However, to know about someone’s thoughts one needs to read letters.

In fact, it’s from the letters that we can understand the deep bond between Gunilla Von Post and JF Kennedy. However, their fate didn’t let them unite and that’s something pretty sad.