Yun Nam Review: The 5-Step Fastgro Hair Treatment Process

Fastgro Hair Treatment

Since its establishment marginally more than three decades ago, Yun Nam has advanced its treatment techniques and technology. Thanks to its effective treatment process and hair care products, the company has become a top hair care center across the country. Besides, the utmost professionalism you get there is top-notch and will keep you craving for more. This review article offers insight into the Yun Nam FASTGro treatment process and its products for all hair problems.

Fastgro Hair Treatment

The Hair Assessment and Consultation Process

You don’t need to book a hair treatment appointment or schedule a consultation since Yun Nam attendants are always ready to receive clients. Once you settle in, you commence your hair treatment regimen immediately. That begins with a thorough assessment of your hair and the problem that needs solving. That includes a scalp examination to ascertain the problem if you’re not sure. The consultant will get right into work if you’re more specific, making targeted assessments.

The Pro-Poo

The pro-poo is the moment of preparation before starting your treatment. It’s a coined process done as you settle in your service chair. They’ll apply some natural Ginseng shampoo and smear some shampoo on the scalp to balance the PH levels. That should help prevent your oil glands from oiling up your scalp excessively and clogging your hair follicles. This process prepares you for treatment to guarantee its effectiveness. The products used contain natural Chinese herbs and don’t have any side effects.

Masking Using the Fastgro Herbal Paste

The FASTGro herbal paste is natural and contains no artificial additives or preservatives. It’s a perfect reminiscence of early Chinese hair treatment, only that FASTGro is a mix of traditional and contemporary medicine. This treatment regimen sets it apart from the rest of the hair care brands, racking up massive popularity among clients. And you can find more testimonials about the effectiveness of Yun Nam treatments by visiting The paste is partly yellow and amber, containing Dang Shen, Dang Hui, and Chuan Xiong, among other Chinese herbs. Remember that the paste can feel pretty warm but won’t harm your scalp regardless.

Fastgro Hair Treatment

Rinsing and Drying

Before rinsing and drying, you’ll get your head steamed a bit using the hair steamer. This phase should be soothing and relaxing as the FASTGro herbal blend absorbs into your hair follicles. After about twenty minutes, you’ll have to get the blend off by washing and rinsing your head. That should get everything done, and your treatment should be complete. If your hair is thinning, you might need to apply the tonic essence to improve scalp immunity and nourish it.

Post-Screening Assessment

After treatment, you’ll have to sit for a consultation and post-treatment analysis. That’s when your attendant checks the efficiency of the treatment and rules whether or not it’s effective. Afterward, the company should offer you a shampoo to continue using as you step up your hair treatment.


The FASTGro hair treatment is Yun Nam’s essential masterpiece that sets it apart from the rest of the brands. Since it combines a plethora of Chinese herbal ingredients, it’s safe to use and won’t have any side effects. Please set foot at any of Yun Nam’s stores and get your hair treated professionally.