Christopher Sign Dead At 45: TV Anchor, Former Alabama Football Player

Christopher Sign wife

Christopher Sign is a popular and talented television anchor from Alabama. Recently, he became into the news because of his tragic death. That’s right, he committed suicide on 13 June 2021. In fact, the officers found him after he was unresponsive for several days. And, that’s how people got curious about his wife Laura. After all, everyone knows that Christopher values and treasures his family more than anything else. So, you will find everything there is about Laura from below.

Christopher Sign wife

Who is Laura Sign?

The truth is, not much is available about Laura Sign. But, what is known is that she is an All-Sec volleyball player when she was studying at the University of Alabama. And, that’s where the couple met. Well, you can say that this lovely couple has been together since the early 1990s. However, not much is available about her parents or siblings. On the other hand, she is quite active on social media. In fact, you can see her posting pictures of her kids. Certainly, this shows that her priority was her family, just like Christopher.

Still, there are some speculations that she was born on 15th April due to Christopher birthday wishes on his account handle.

Who is Christopher Sign?

Surely, you would have seen Christopher Sign as an anchor. He is from Birmingham, Alabama. In fact, he was an evening anchor for ABC 33/40 in the place of Dave after his retirement. Previously, he was a reporter from 2000-2005. And, during that time he covered the story of the Brookwood mine disaster and major hurricanes. He was a former football player in school under coach Gene Stallings. Furthermore, he is a graduate of the University of Alabama.

Also, he got many once-in-a-lifetime types of opportunities before coming to the ABC network. But, for his family, he turned it all down. Yes, he preferred to spend more time with his family than to be stuck behind the screen.

Date of death: 12 June 2021, The cause of death for Christopher Sign is being investigated as a suicide,
Place of death: Hoover, Alabama, United States

Do Christopher and Laura have kids?

Even though no information is available on when they came into this world, the duo has 3 amazing sons. They are Charlie, Anderson, and Hampton Sign.

The net worth of Laura Sign

Again, no information is available about the current status of income for Laura Sign. On the other hand, the estimated net worth of Christopher is around 1 million dollars. However, when you take a close look at the family’s pictures, you can see that they lead a modest life.

Is Laura the reason for Christopher’s suicide?

Surely, there were some rumours floating on the internet that claimed that Laura was the one behind it. But, that’s not the truth at all. Yes, she and her family has been silent on the reporter’s death. Still, that cannot prove that she is one behind it. In fact, many close acquaintances of both of them know very well that they value their family more than anything else. In short, you can say that she has nothing to do with this.

On the other hand, not much is available as to why Christopher committed suicide. The officers found him when he was unresponsive for several days.

Well, that’s all it is available about Christopher Sign wife, Laura Sign. There is no doubt that his death is an unexpected and painful tragedy for all his family and friends.

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