Car Keychain Accessories That Are Cool and Useful

Car Keychain

Let’s face it! If you are like many other car owners or drivers who love carrying a keychain, then a keychain customized to suit your taste is hugely appealing. One, it serves the practical purpose of making it easy for us to differentiate our keys. In addition to this very vital role, personalizing your keychain can add to your style. So, have you considered getting some customized keychain accessories? 

Arguably, there are many products that you can add to your keychain. If you pick the best, you will have some of the best keychains without necessarily adding to the bulk. In this article, we explore some keychain accessories that are not only cool but useful as well. Read on to learn more. 

Custom Keyrings and Why You Need To Try Them 

These days, keyrings are available in different models. If you have been keen to make an observation, you must have noticed that people also use them for various activities. Some like carrying them with their car keys or house keys. Others have also found them to be great gifts during corporate events. All these and more are some of their functions. 

When personalized with logos or special names, keyrings help you pass a message. Further, getting custom keyrings also helps you in other ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Custom keychains create awareness about your brand
  • They can improve convenience and quality of life
  • You can use them as promotional material 

You will most likely enjoy other benefits of having custom keychain accessories. It. however, depends on how you use them. Please, note that there are different types of accessories. What you choose to include or use is purely a matter of personal preference. You can also decide to change them from time to time to meet the needs of a specific moment or occasion. 

Top 5 Car Keychain Accessories Worth Having 

For a car owner, these five keychain accessories are essential. These are not the only ones, but they are the best among the many in the market. Let us now take a look: 

1. Bluetooth Tracker 

Bluetooth trackers are small but vital devices you can add to your car keychain accessories. In addition to making your keychain look great, a Bluetooth tracker can also assist you when you misplace your keys. By the way, don’t we all tend to misplace keys at home?

You won’t worry so much if you have a bluetooth tracker if you happen to misplace your car keys. All you will do is to use your phone to find out where your keys are within the car or elsewhere. The good thing with a bluetooth tracker is that it has a battery that lasts a long time. And when the battery is depleted, you can  replace it at home without any hassle. 

2. A Keychain Multitool 

With a keychain multitool, you can perform several activities, including opening bottles and others. A good one should have at least ten features or specifications that help you make things easy as a car owner. You should, however, get a good one if you want the pleasure of using it for a longer time. 

Given that a keychain multitool is stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about it getting worn out because of frequent handling. Its weight is also light. It will not make your keychain look bulky in any way. Also, when you travel to high-security areas such as the airport, you will not have to worry about it since it is TSA friendly. 

3. Chug N’ Plug

If you are one of those who use the thumb when breaking the outer part of a can,  then this accessory is for you. You can use it to pop the tab and then enjoy your favorite drink. That saves you the risk of slicing while using your thumb. Note also that it is unhygienic to use your thumb for such activities. It is even worse, especially after driving and mingling with friends. 

The good thing with a chug n’ plug is that you can fit it to your keychain easily. It is also light, and you can choose from many colors and styles. You can also get a customized one from reputable makers, so you have one that meets your needs. 

4. Triumph Badge 

A triumph badge looks nice when it dangles from your car’s ignition switch. You should, however, try to get a personalized one. A good one should reflect your personality and have durable material. 

You will be good to go if you can order a triumph badge made of solid brass material, plus a high-polish chrome. It looks great and will last long. It should be among your custom keyrings for all the right reasons, especially if you love being trendy. 

5. A Manual Transmission Keychain 

If you want to add a shifting mechanism to your car, a manual transmission keychain should be among your car keychain accessories. You can use it in dropping a gear and other closely related tasks. To help you further, the accessory often comes with an adjustable wrench accessory. 

As is with other accessories, you can also add small tweaks and twists to your manual transmission keychain. The best way is to ask a manufacturer specializing in custom keyrings to get you a unique one. That way, you will enjoy great functionality and style. 


If you are a car person, there are many tiny accessories that you can add to your keychain. Customizing your accessories gives you an identity and culture. It is a great add on, especially if you want to make a statement. Whether you want a few ways to juice up your car keychain or make some work easy, several accessories can help you. Give it a try and enjoy walking around with great-looking keychains!