How Is Ai-based Proctoring Benefits Employers

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Test-taking has always been troublesome. In the absence of invigilators, candidates resort to unwarranted activities. Even though online proctoring services have largely solved invigilation problems, a few challenges yet remain unresolved, barring online proctored exams from achieving mass scale adoption.

Some of the common challenges in proctored exams are –

  1. Someone in place of an actual candidate taking the exam
  2. Using a calculator to answer
  3. Use of Google search to seek answers
  4. Having someone in the room to answer
  5. Screen sharing with friends to seek help answer questions
  6. Screen recording to further share tests with friends

Luckily, some challenges have been resolved by AI-powered exam proctoring services. For instance, most proctoring applications prohibit the use of screen recording and sharing via in-built functionalities. Most test-taking software operates in a safe browser environment, which means test takers are not allowed to open new tabs in their browser other than the test session.

Additionally, the software scans the internet and blocks or reports websites that contain questions or answers that may be included in the test.

Further, the IP address of the test taker is captured. So that no other IP is used to attempt the same test.

Taking authentication measures 

Online proctored exams employ a three-step process for candidate identification. Before starting a test, a candidate is sent an authentication link to email as soon as he clicks on the text link.

Next, the candidate is required to take his/her photograph and fill out registration details. In the third step, the candidate is required to take a picture of his/her photo id.

The details of the authentication are confirmed for its legitimacy by proctors working 24/7 at the back. Throughout this process, AI plays an important role by using facial recognition and NLP (natural language processing) to detect anomalies. When detected, anomalies are captured and shared with test givers as a report. This makes the entire test-giving process more convenient, and less susceptible to cheat error-free.

Being vigilant 

Identity authentication is an important part of online proctoring services. It is followed by real-time invigilation with the help of AI-powered bots.

Online proctoring software records instances that appear suspicious and flag it for scrutiny. For instance, the candidate looking away from the test screen, use of mobile phone or other devices, and presence of an additional person, etc., which implies cheating behavior are flagged by software which can be scrutinized later.

All these activities are detected with the help of artificial intelligence bots that have trained to see, hear, read, using numerous deep learning algorithms, facial recognition techniques, segmentation, etc.

Later while reviewing the test, these flags can be reviewed and based on human discretion decision can be made. In brief, AI makes test-giving a convenient task and scale it to the desired level.

Bottom line

Hiring has always been challenging, especially when it comes to mass hiring. It requires intensive administration and management. With the help of AI-powered proctoring services, test-giving can be scaled easily. Organizations now hiring remote workforce and building global teams opting for proctored exams make a perfect decision.

Several proctoring services vendors are out there, pick your choice.