When Do You Need a Healthcare Whistleblower Attorney?

Healthcare Whistleblower Attorney

Being a whistleblower can be tricky, nerve-wracking, and sometimes outright risky if you do things incorrectly. Being able to bring large-scale government fraudsters to justice is always a good thing, but even with the laws backing up whistleblowers, it is not something you can necessarily pursue all on your own.

An entire industry of whistleblower attorneys exists to help potential whistleblowers come forward in a safer and more secure way. It can take a lot of the stress out of the situation and make the process easier to understand – but when and why do you need them?

What do Whistleblower Attorneys Do?

A whistleblower attorney, also sometimes known as a qui tam attorney, is a specific type of attorney who handles the legal side of a whistleblower coming forth on behalf of the government. They have experience and knowledge in the laws pertaining to whistleblowers and federal False Claims Act cases and work to make sure the process goes smoothly for everyone involved.

The False Claims Act allows anyone who has evidence of fraud committed by a business or a person working for the government to step forward as a whistleblower, with the intention of having the government prosecute the wrongdoer. These attorneys use their specific range of skills to support these whistleblowers, making it even easier for them to bring fraud to light.

While the specifics of their role will vary based on the kind of fraud in question and how it needs to be addressed, whistleblower attorneys serve as both an advisor and legal counsel for how to use the evidence that the whistleblower has gathered. Beyond that, they sometimes serve as a protective barrier to keep the whistleblower from making mistakes that could put them at risk.

Whistleblowing is not as easy as simply posting evidence on social media and spreading it around. The legal element is just as important, and whistleblowers who want legitimate support from the government (and the potential for a reward for their work) need to know how the system works.

Whistleblower Attorney

What is a Healthcare Whistleblower Attorney?

As the name suggests, healthcare whistleblower attorneys deal with whistleblowers focused on the healthcare industry – an area where fraud can be incredibly serious. They have extensive experience in the kinds of fraud that might occur in the healthcare system and the specific laws and regulations that pertain to the healthcare industry.

Because healthcare is so widespread and can directly affect the health of millions of people, there are many laws that are specifically put into place to protect against fraud, waste, and abuse within the industry. These attorneys are experienced at helping with both the legal aspect of whistleblowing and handling whatever evidence you have gathered.

If you plan to bring fraud within the healthcare industry to light, then working with these experts is essential to ensure the best results for the whistleblowing process. They will make sure that the process goes smoothly and that you are not putting yourself at any undue risk by coming forward with the information that you have.

When Do You Need a Healthcare Whistleblower Attorney?

Anybody who has evidence of fraud in the healthcare industry and plans to blow the whistle should look into getting an attorney who can help them through the process. Specialist attorneys who deal with the specific kind of fraud or industry in question are the best option since they will be able to provide more specific guidance and advice.

While it is certainly possible to blow the whistle on fraud without one, the process becomes a lot harder. An attorney is a vital part of keeping everything on track and making sure that you actually present your evidence correctly.

Any potential whistleblowers should look into hiring a healthcare whistleblower attorney well before they reveal any evidence. There is no need to rush into the process without any support, and taking time to gather information and speak with an expert first will help in the long run.

Obviously, no two situations are exactly the same, and one whistleblower may find it more useful to pursue legal support immediately while another may have time to look over the evidence on their own. In either instance, the process of whistleblowing will be easier with the help of an experienced attorney backing you up.

How To Find Good Healthcare Whistleblower Attorneys

If you are planning on coming forward as a healthcare whistleblower or already have evidence that you think points towards fraud, the first step is to start looking for a good healthcare whistleblower attorney. They have a significant range of knowledge and experience in this area and can provide vital assistance in bringing the case forward.

While finding an attorney that you trust and are comfortable with is obviously important, you also need to be aware of how to choose the right attorney to help you in the first place. Here are some key things to keep in mind when it comes to finding the right whistleblower law firm.


You always want legal experts who understand the situation, context, and industry you are dealing with. For example, taking on a healthcare whistleblower attorney from Oberheiden P.C. is an obvious choice if you are in the healthcare industry since that is their specialty.


Different law firms handle their payment in different ways. For example, you might have the option of paying a flat fee upfront or only paying if you actually win the case and are awarded some of the fraud money. This matters a lot since it influences how and when you will be paying the experts – something that can be important if you do not have much money to spare upfront.


You always want an attorney with a good reputation. If you are going to have someone handling the most important parts of the case, then it needs to be an attorney you can trust. Make sure you take your time in researching any law firms you are considering, and do not be afraid to do a deeper dive into reviews or their past clients if you want to know more about them.


A good attorney will keep in constant communication and update you on new developments from their legal perspective within the case. For example, an Oberheiden P.C. healthcare whistleblower lawyer who keeps you up to date with the current state of your case is far more valuable than one who simply sets things up and keeps you out of the loop.