Wigs on the Go: Stylish Solutions for the Active Woman

Wigs for women

Wigs for women are amazing! They provide ample options for hairstyles, colors, and lengths without damaging or changing the hair underneath. However, the added weight and considerations that you must take into account when wearing a wig can impact the way that you go about your daily life. If you are a particularly active person, you may worry that your lifestyle cannot accommodate a wig at all. Luckily, this is not the case. Though you may have to adjust your routine to accommodate wearing a wig, it is absolutely possible to wear your favorite hair replacement while still living your best active life. Read on to find out the best stylish women’s wig solutions for active women.

Wigs on the Go: Stylish Solutions for the Active Woman
Choosing the Right Base Material

The base materials that human hair wigs are made of play a huge role in the way they interact with our scalp and impact our daily lives. Certain materials are definitely more suited to an active lifestyle than others and should be the first choice for active women. These materials are the ones that are considered more “breathable,” meaning that they allow for more airflow to reach the scalp. This is especially beneficial for those who are active as it helps to keep the head from overheating and allows sweat to evaporate and dry more quickly. Breathable wig materials are those that are made with a mesh-like structure. The most often used base materials that have this structure are lace and monofilament. Either of these is a great choice for active women who want to wear a wig while working out, jogging, running, etc.

Manage Your Hair Underneath

For those who are fully bald, you can skip this section! But for those who have some degree of hair that will be present underneath a wig, this part is for you, so listen up. Being active while wearing a wig presents two main issues for the hair that exists underneath it. The first is that while running, jumping, or doing any other physical activity that you enjoy, the movement may cause the hair underneath to be shifted, tangled, or start to come loose and escape from underneath the wig, making it visible. Using the right products or techniques to prevent this from happening is essential to having peace of mind while doing activities. Wearing a wig cap or wig band is very helpful for this, and if your natural hair is long enough, braiding it flat to your scalp will also keep it in place. The second issue for the hair underneath is simply that it may become more sweaty than usual since the wig will trap sweat and head underneath the base. This can easily be resolved by washing your hair to remove any dirt and debris and using a nice scented spray to keep your hair and wig smelling fresh. Just make sure to use products that are gentle on your hair so that you do not dry it out from too much washing.

Perfecting Your Attachment Method

A big worry from those who want to wear wigs while being physically active is that they may fall off or shift a lot on the head. While this certainly can happen, learning to attach your wigs for women properly and using the correct products will help make this much less likely to happen. Some form of attachment should be used on the wig if you are doing anything active; this means that simply pulling the wig over your head will likely not be enough to hold it in place unless you are bald and using silicone strips. The ideal scenario is using glue or tape made for wigs in order to keep the piece secure, either to your scalp if you are bald or to a wig cap. Make sure you choose a tape or glue that is water resistant and good with humidity so that it can stand up to whatever you are doing. You also want to make sure to only attach to the areas on the wig that are designed for adhesives to be applied to them and to make sure the adhesive has time to set before getting sweaty (we’re talking several hours of setting time). As long as you secure wigs for women in place with the right products, they should be able to remain on while you are active.


The last tip for keeping your wig stylish while being active is to style the wig appropriately. This applies to natural hair and wigs, but many people do not realize that wigs for women can be styled as easily as bio hair can! When being active, you will want the hair kept out of your face so that you are able to see, so styles like low ponytails and braids are great. If you have a lace front, pulling the hair back will keep it out of your face and still look natural while also reducing sweat on the forehead. If you have a good-fitting and natural wig, you may even be able to put it up! High ponytails and buns keep the wig hair off of your neck and allow you to stay cool while working out. 

If you’re scared of wearing your wigs for women while working out and getting physically active or are doing it but finding it isn’t going how you want it to, these solutions are for you. It is absolutely possible to be an active woman while wearing a wig, and in fact, many women do! Just make sure to look after yourself and the wig and use the right products and materials for your lifestyle. After all, a wig is a solution, so it shouldn’t cause you more problems!

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