How Can a Brand Promote on TikTok in 2022?

Brand Promote on TikTok in 2022

In 2020, for obvious reasons, advertising budgets have shrunk significantly. But it is important to note that this reduction was caused by an abnormal demand for everyday goods (massive transition to remote work). Companies were not ready for such changes, they urgently needed to adapt their business to the new realities.

But now trends are taking the market to a new level, and fashion media platforms have become a key element in brand promotion today. One of them is TikTok. We share our experience with you and talk about how it is better for a business to enter and develop on TikTok in 2022.

Transition of audience from other social networks

Gather audiences from other social networks. Make a post with a link to the channel and an appeal wherever possible. Use videos uploaded from your TikTok account for this. That motivates viewers to follow you on the new site. And so that watermarks do not spoil the visual, it is best to use services like to upload a “clean” picture.

TikTok in 2022

Regularity is the key to success in TikTok

TikTok is a network where your videos are promoted for free by algorithms. On TikTok, it’s really possible to wake up famous the next day after uploading one successful video. If you have just registered on the social network, we advise you to upload at least 10 videos to your profile on the first day. This way you will show the algorithm that you came to the site with serious intentions. 

Show your value through your profile

Design your profile so that you can show the benefit. Show viewers why your channel is interesting to potential subscribers.

Username. Let it be the name of your brand. By name you can be found in the search. When changing your name, be careful – you can only change it once every 30 days.

According to the description, a person should understand what awaits him in the account, why subscribe. You can add emoji and calls.

When uploading a video, do not leave the choice of cover to the platform – choose the most juicy and profitable frame.

Profile picture can be a photo or video. Let the picture be your logo or a photo with large elements. 

Lengthening videos

Previously, the maximum duration of videos on TikTok was 60 seconds, then it grew to 180, from 2021 you can publish videos lasting 5 and even 10 minutes! And in videos longer than 30 seconds, it was no coincidence that rewind appeared. It also shows that the platform supports long content and implements features that enhance the viewing experience of such content.

Educational content

TikTok started rewarding creators with an “Informational Content Program”, which was created to support authors who produce videos of at least 20 seconds. The TikTok initiative with this fund itself testifies to the platform’s interest in supporting the authors of educational content. For creators of entertainment content, such support measures are not provided.


It’s all about the TikTok algorithms – they are designed in such a way that accounts with one person (ambassador) get the most development. Using different people in the shooting for one account is not only inefficient for promotion, but also unprofitable in organizational terms. It’s easier to work with one person. More and more companies will acquire permanent ambassadors who will become their face on TikTok.

Electronic commerce

This trend will please everyone who is interested in TikTok as a sales channel. The platform has entered into strategic partnership agreements with a number of ecommerce services such as Shopify and Ecwid. For now, TikTok is known to be testing the Seller app to manage TikTok stores in the UK and Indonesia. 

TikTok in 2022

Targeted advertising in the Spark Ads format

TikTok users who were not lucky enough to successfully grow an account organically can now successfully do so for money. Thanks to the Sparks Ads format, you can run individual videos published in your account as ads. The video is shown in the recommendations feed with the “Subscribe” button active. In 2022, more and more advertisers will learn about this format, and, accordingly, it will be in great demand. 

Switching to a Pro account and checking statistics

Use a Pro account to track your results. Like a business account on Instagram, a pro TikTok account allows you to select a profile category, run ads and view statistics for the account and each TikTok video. The built-in stats on TikTok are remarkably similar to those on Instagram. It allows you to track the number of views and subscribers, as well as create a profile of your audience and assess video results. You can’t avoid analyzing and improving your material in 2022 – you’ll need to prepare videos, fix faults, and post what your viewers want.