Fury vs Joshua – what will the odds be if this fight happens?

Fury vs Joshua

Boxing is one of the most exciting and popular sports to follow. Over the years, it has seen some explosive characters, such as Mike Tyson and Roberto Durán, grace the ring and give fight fans something to cheer about. The current heavyweight boxing division is in an interesting place and seems dominated by two fighters – Tyson Fury is one of these men and Anthony Joshua is the other. 

Recent years have seen both fighters take the limelight and score some impressive wins. It has also seen a real appetite within the sport for them to face each other. This looked to be happening in 2021 when Fury vs Joshua was set to take place. Before it could happen, though, Joshua was forced into a bout with Oleksandr Usyk, and Fury into a trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder. Joshua’s loss to Usyk then firmly put any unification fights between the two on hold. 

There is now talk of Fury vs Joshua happening again – but could it really go ahead, what will the odds be and who could emerge victorious? 

Odds for Fury vs Joshua – what might they be? 

If this fight does happen, getting to grips with the latest odds and predictions in boxing beforehand is worthwhile. This can help you get a clearer picture nearer the time of who is being favored to triumph. 

But what do current odds and predictions tell us for now? In truth, it is hard to find current odds for each fighter, as their bout has not been officially announced. It can be useful, though, to look back at what odds were being given in 2021, when they were going to face off. 

At the time, Fury was seen as the favorite, with odds of around -175. Joshua was coming in as a slight outsider at odds of around +145. As these odds show, it could actually be a close affair and certainly not a bout where one fighter is seen as a clear winner. 

Will Fury vs Joshua really happen in the future? 

There are few things truly certain in life – even people in love look for wedding insurance information and tips in case their partner suddenly gets cold feet. The boxing game can also be similarly hard to predict and this is true when it comes to planned fights. 

The biggest barrier to any bout is Fury’s proposed retirement from boxing. After his recent win over Dillian Whyte in six rounds, Fury teased fans with talk of that being possibly his last fight. If this turns out to be the case, then Fury vs Joshua is dead in the water. 

It is always dangerous to look too far ahead in sports and this applies to boxing also. For this bout to occur, Joshua needs to get past Usyk in their upcoming match. This is no easy task, as the Ukrainian is a tough opponent who will be extremely motivated to win. With Joshua having a couple of big losses on his record already, a victory against Usyk is no forgone conclusion. 

But what of the reasons to think this fight could happen? For many, it all comes down to money. If there is big demand from the public for it, then promoters will find it hard to resist the ticket/PPV sales income on offer. By the same token, both fighters would surely find it hard to say no if a mega-money deal was offered to them. Although Fury might follow through on his retirement plans for now, the right amount of money would surely give him food for thought.

Who would win this fight? 

As noted above, this could actually be a close affair. Fury has shown he can handle the big occasion and rise to the challenge when called on. He is also probably a bigger hitter than Joshua and this works in his favor. If he comes into the fight off a spell away from the sport, though, he could be rusty and not at his best.

Joshua, on the other hand, could be high on confidence and in great shape to face Fury, should he beat Usyk. Although he might have shown to be more susceptible to pressure in big fights and vulnerable to powerful punching, this could work in his favor. 

Fury vs Joshua would be a cracker 

There is no doubt that this bout is one that most people who follow boxing would love to see. Both fighters are not only among the best in their division but also have bags of personality to make any matchup a must-see. If Joshua beats Usyk and the right deals can be made, do not be surprised if it becomes a reality.