What to Expect From a Land Survey

Land Survey

Will you be hiring a land surveyor soon? Need to get a survey for a plot of land?

Land surveys are essential for buying, selling, or developing property and can help in a variety of different ways. If you’ll be hiring a land surveyor, however, you may be wondering what you can expect from the surveying process. 

In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the land survey process.

What Is A Land Survey?

A land survey is a process and also a drawing that shows the boundaries of a property. In addition to showing the property lines of a plot of land, a property survey will also show geographical features, buildings, and structures on the property as well.

To get a land survey, you’ll need to hire a licensed surveyor. A surveyor will make use of special land surveying equipment to determine the property lines of a plot of land and will also document other characteristics and features as well.

A land survey is often performed when buying a property and when planning a construction project. While there are multiple reasons to get a property or land survey, it’s often used to determine property boundaries.

A survey can help to determine exactly what land you’ll be buying and exactly what its boundaries and features are. Getting a survey can also help when dealing with neighbor disputes and other issues as well.

Types of Property Surveys

Different types of property surveys exist aside from basic land surveys. Here are a few types of surveys that you should know about:

  • Topographic Surveys: These surveys are used to determine the elevation of a land plot.
  • As-built Surveys: These surveys are used to determine where improvements and structures can be added.
  • Mortgage Plot Plan Surveys: These surveys show the boundary lines for a plot of land that will be mortgaged.
  • Monumentation Surveys: These surveys show the boundaries of a property and are meant to determine where fences and walls can be placed.
  • Floodplain Surveys: These surveys help determine the risk of low-lying areas that could be at risk of flooding.

Understanding the Land Survey Process

If you want to get a land survey, you’ll need to contact a professional land survey service and request a survey. 

Costs for land surveys can vary based on the type of survey being conducted. A simple boundary survey may only cost a few hundred dollars while other types of surveys will likely cost $1000-$2000 or more.

Once a survey has been requested, the land surveyor will then research your property and find out everything they can about it. Surveyors will ensure that they’re prepared fully before going out into the field to survey your land. 

They’ll obtain additional information by contacting local agencies and will comb through maps and documents to learn more. They’ll research a property’s history, ecological restrictions, subdivision, and more.

Once they have performed adequate research, a land surveyor will then visit your home and measure the physical boundaries of the land. They’ll verify the information they discovered in their research and obtain additional information as necessary. The time it takes them to survey the land will depend on various factors including the size of the property and the number of surveyors that are used.

After the fieldwork portion of the survey has been completed, surveyors will then spend time processing the information that has been collected. They’ll draft any survey documents and will ensure that everything is accurate.

Hiring a Qualified Surveyor

You’ll want to ensure that any land surveyor that you hire is credible and qualified. 

Inaccurate measurements can be a huge problem and can lead to lawsuits. You can run into legal issues if you end up building a structure on someone else’s property, for example.

Because of this, you should make sure that you think carefully about which land surveying company you hire. Be sure that a surveyor has the certifications and licenses that are required to provide services in your area. 

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The Top Reasons to Get A Land Survey

There are many different reasons to get a land survey. Here are a few of the most common.

  1. Define Land Boundaries

One of the reasons to get a land survey is that it outlines property boundaries with accuracy. 

This allows landowners and developers to plan construction projects with ease and without creating conflicts with neighbors. Knowing the boundaries of a property can help you avoid land disputes and lawsuits.

  1. Land Valuation

Another way that land surveying can be beneficial is that it can help a property to be valuated accurately. 

A land surveyor will consider many important factors when making surveying land. They’ll consider the details of the landscape, the location, and the existing deed. 

A land surveyor can help you get an accurate assessment of the actual size of a property. This can help quite a bit when it comes time to estimate its value.

  1. Map Topography

Another reason to hire a land survey company is to map out the topography. Getting a topographical survey will help landowners discover a lot of useful information about a plot of land including soil conditions, structural problems, natural resource availability, and flooding vulnerability. 

If you’re planning a construction project on the land, you’ll get information that will be valuable and can help you identify any potential problems beforehand. 

  1. Plan a Construction Project

To start construction on a property, it’s important for architects, engineers, and builders to have accurate information about the land. A land survey can help.

With a professional survey, builders can carefully consider the building plans and the placement of a construction project.

  1. Divvy Up a Property

A land survey can also help if you plan on divvying up a property into smaller portions. This can be beneficial for both residential and commercial uses.

If the land will be sold in separate parcels in a new development, for example, land surveys can help immensely. With a land survey, size and valuation can be made accurately when subdividing the property. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to be thoroughly prepared for what to expect during the land survey process, be sure that you consider the information above. Be sure that you understand the importance of a land survey if you want to have accurate data regarding your land and want to plan a successful construction project.

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