Which Are the Best Foods for Health That We Need As Human Beings

Best Foods for Health

Health is life, without which your life will be very miserable unfortunately many people seem to ignore this important factor. If you live a healthy life, you may spend up to even a year without visiting a hospital. In fact, a healthy life guarantees you a world full of possibilities. 

You can plan things without worrying. An unhealthy life on the other side is stressful, undesirable and probably a life everyone would want to avoid. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are eating healthy food all the time. 

So what exactly causes a healthy or unhealthy life or what makes the difference between a healthy or unhealthy life? The answer I simple, lifestyle. Lifestyle is a key determinant of an individual life. From what you eat to how you sleep everything. 

Diet, for instance, is a key component of lifestyle. This diet is what determines how your body grows or even reacts to various illnesses and diseases. 

Most people who observe a balanced diet enjoy and live a healthy life. On the other side, those who do not observe a balanced diet quiet often live an unhealthy life and sometimes even suffer from deficiency diseases. It is therefore important to include best foods for health in your diet for you to remain healthy; below we look at some of those foods that are best for your health.

  • Almonds 

Almonds are so reached in so many nutrients including, magnesium, vitamin E, iron, calcium, fibre and riboflavin.  A published scientific review revealed that almonds as foods may help to maintain body healthy cholesterol levels. Almonds are proven to have more fiber compared to all other tree nuts. It’s among the best healthy foods for human life. 

  • Brazil nut

A healthy diet is never complete without nuts and grains. Brazil nuts are undisputedly some of the best nuts on earth.  The concentration of protein and carbohydrates is so high in these nuts. They are a very good source of vitamin B-1, Vitamin E, magnesium and zinc.

Apart from that, the Brazilian nuts also contain a high level of selenium compared to any food. Selenium is very essential in maintaining thyroid function.

  • Lentils

Lentils take a very long period to get ready during a cooking process. However, you can sprout their seeds which makes them ready to eat and very delicious.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal is basically a meal made from grounded oats. The oatmeal interest and demand has rapidly increased due to its health benefits.  Research has discovered that fibre soluble cereals help in reducing cholesterol levels.

Oats have high complex carbohydrates content as well as soluble water fibre.  This reduces the speed of digestion as well as stabilizing levels of blood glucose. Oatmeal contains a high level of vitamin B, potassium, folate among many other important nutrients.

  • Wheat germ

Wheat germ is that part of the wheat that germinates from the wheat seed to grow into a plant. The seed embryo is seed is milling by-product.  Wheat germ is very rich in several nutrients, amongst them vitamin E, folic acid zinc and many others.

  • Green fruits and berries

Green fruits are a very important component of a balanced diet; they not only add vitamins which are so essential for the body and also help grow the skin thus making them the best foods for health.

  • Broccoli

Fruits and vegetables are highly rich in fibre. The fibre content in broccoli is very high in it includes calcium, potassium, folates and phytonutrients.  Phytonutrients compounds help in mitigating the risk of developing heart diseases and some form of cancers. 

A lower amount of broccoli around 100-gram has the capacity to provide you with up to or over 150% of the recommended amount of vitamin c daily intake. 

  • Apples

Apples provide your body with antioxidants, which are so good at combating free radicals.  Free radicals are generally those damaging substances that the body generates; they normally bring about undesirable changes in the body.  These radicals take part in the ageing process as well as bringing some diseases to your body. 

Researchers from Florida University termed apples as miracle fruits.  According to the researchers, the old women who embraced the culture of eating apples experienced a huge 23% drop in the level of bad cholesterol, and a corresponding 45% increase in good cholesterol after a shorter period of just six months. 


If you are so conscious about your health then perhaps you should consider incorporating the above best foods for health in your diet. These foods will ensure your body gets enough supplements as well as protecting you from some diseases. It is good to take these healthy foods if you want the best that life can provide.