Movers Tips: 5 Ways You Should Use Moving Blankets for Your Next Move

Moving Blankets

With around 11% of Americans moving every year, the need for efficient and safe moving is vital. One of the most common ways to keep your belongings safe is from a blanket—a moving blanket, that is. 

Moving blankets, or furniture padding, are moving staples that are cost-effective and simple to use. Keep reading to find five essential movers tips for your next move and how to use moving blankets effectively.

  1. Cover and Store Your Belongings

Moving blankets are primarily known for covering furniture and boxes during moves. Since your belongings tend to jostle during transportation, they need some sort of protection from the elements.

Moving blankets provide safe protection from outside sources that may dent, scratch, or break your belongings. They’re easy to use and stay in place with tape and ties.

  1. Get a Storage Box

Storage boxes are a great way to get your belongings out of the house but safely stored in preparation for your upcoming move. Simply park the box in an easily accessible area and start placing your items with moving blankets for protection. 

Portable storage containers, like the ones from, are also cost-effective and easy to obtain. Simply get a quote and start your moving process the right way. 

  1. Cover Your Walls

Walls aren’t immune to damage, either. By covering your walls with moving blankets, you prevent heavy furniture from denting the walls. You also prevent unsightly scratches and marks on the walls.

Covering your walls with moving blankets does more than just protect them. You can also use moving blankets as a way to soundproof your rooms. This is especially helpful for moments where you just need a break from moving.

By soundproofing a designated room with moving blankets, you’ll find a quiet escape from the moving chaos. Soundproofing is also great for roommates who aren’t moving into a new house with you or children who aren’t participating in the moving process.

  1. Slide Heavy Furniture

If you need help moving furniture and can’t lift, moving blankets offer a simple way to slide furniture across your floor. Moving blankets help slide furniture across your home and into a moving truck without damaging it.

This is a perfect solution for people who don’t have a professional moving service team helping them. It also helps prevent injuries since some pieces of furniture are too heavy to lift, even for professionals. You can even cover your stairs with moving blankets to create a sliding ramp.

  1. Combine Stretch Wrap

Don’t forget to use other helpful tools at your disposal. Combining your moving blankets with stretch wrap makes your belongings stay even safer. By maximizing safety, you won’t have to worry about your furniture in transit.

Unlike moving blankets, stretch wrap clings to surfaces. While moving blankets help protect against scratches and bumps, stretch wrap provides a safe backup in case the blanket falls off.

Move Efficiently With These Movers Tips

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful with the right movers tips and resources in mind. By combining the many uses of a moving blanket, you’ll find that it will make your move a breeze.

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