What Are Pet Peeves? Check Out The Top 7

Pet Peeves

There might be many things around you that are sure to put you on edge and make you feel annoyed. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about pet peeves. For instance, the thought of someone double-dipping their chip in the queso might make you crack your neck uncomfortably. You might have to control hard to keep from lunging across the table at them. So that sound of you cracking your neck might make your partner feel annoying.

In fact, even the most rational and nicest people around you have things that drive them bonkers. You might not have noticed or thought about it; however, we can surely say that everyone has at least one pet peeve. So would you like to go through the list of pet peeves that might trigger some annoyance that is not fun to experience? Let us share some of those aspects with you here!

Have A Look At Some Of The Most Common Pet Peeves

Needless to say, there is a lot that one can add to one’s pet peeves list. This is very common and nothing unnatural. Perhaps you have never thought about it, but we can guarantee that even you have one of those pet peeves. Why not give it a thought and find them out from the following?

Loud Eating / Drinking

This is one of the most common pet peeves many people have, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact, there are indeed some people who actually just chew loudly, and it can drive a person mad. For instance, there might be people who hate when people use their straw to slurp at the bottom of an empty glass. That sound is quite annoying for most people. Many also do not like the sound of teeth scraping on a fork.

Double Dipping

The mere mention makes it feel so gross, don’t you think? In fact, even when you share salsa with someone you love, it still feels cringe-worthy to see them double-dip. Just imagine it once graphically, and you will feel nauseous. Suppose that chip was in their mouth. Then it came back out. Now it’s in the same dip that you’re eating.

So what can you do to avoid it? Well, you can immediately divvy up salsa, queso, and other dips onto individual plates, so everyone can eat how they want. Isn’t it a much better way of eating?

Cracking Knuckles & Other Body Parts

Often people crack their knuckles or other body parts to feel relaxed. However, you have to ensure that people around you do not feel annoyed by the sound. This sound is not body parts grinding together. It is just like when people crack their gum; it’s a way to get rid of air bubbles that form in your joint.

Well, many might have a question if it is at all necessary. That is indeed a debatable topic. It is better not to dwell on it and ignore it.


It is okay to be a fan; however, it becomes annoying when your “fandom: is your entire personality. No one prefers staying around a person whose entire decor and fashion sense revolve around the fact that they like a certain celebrity. Or maybe any conversation you have with your friends, or a co-worker keeps on coming back to the same topic of a particular celebrity. You might not realize it, but you might bore the person you are talking to. So it is better to maintain a limit in fandom.

People Stealing Your Food

This is one of the most common pet peeves that many people have. It comes in two forms. Sometimes, you get your own meals, but your friend or date tries to fork a bite to try your food. Other times, this can look like a person who says they’re not hungry but ultimately eats all your fries. So whatever, maybe it is unacceptable, very gross, and worth losing a friend over. Therefore, be careful not to make a similar mistake.

The Chronically Late

We all have one of those friends who are always chronically late at every event. So you might have to tell that friend to arrive 30 minutes early so as to have them come at the proper time. This is very frustrating for all those people who are chronically early. So ensure you provide your friend with a time that is a bit earlier than the actual time.

Strangers Standing Too Close

Needless to say, this was pretty annoying to many people even before a global pandemic struck. The touch of sweaty hands can indeed be pretty gross. Now, however, when people stand too close in line at the grocery store, it’s not just annoying but feels like a personal affront to your health and safety So, if you feel uncomfortable in such a situation, ask the person to shift backward or in front.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say every one of us has a list of pet peeves that makes us feel gross and annoying. Therefore, it is better to find ways to avoid it. You can look at the above pet peeves list to know how you can handle it.