Top 5 Ways to Style Your Cashmere Jumper This Season

Cashmere Jumper

We all want to invest in quality pieces that last and can be worn over and over again. Cashmere Jumper is just the thing to ensure you get maximum wear out of your wardrobe, as they look great with practically everything and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ways to style your cashmere jumper this season, from casual to going out, so you can wear it every day of the week!

1. With a Blazer

A great way to give your jumper a new lease of life is by adding a blazer. It’s all about the layers this season, so grab one and layer it over your jumper for a classic and polished look. 

With a Blazer

To make the look more modern, try wearing the blazer with an oversized knit. If you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing it with a little denim-on-denim ensemble for an effortless yet luxe feel.

2. With Skinny Jeans

Wear your cashmere jumper with skinny jeans and a pair of elegant boots for an outfit that’s perfect for when you’re just out and about. Wear it with a dress shirt tucked in, some great trousers, and some classic sneakers for a look that’s perfect for work or school. 

With Skinny Jeans

If you want something more casual, go for a leather jacket and t-shirt underneath and complete the look with converse shoes or old-school trainers (depending on what your style is). You can even wear it as part of an athleisure outfit by pairing it with leggings or joggers – perfect if you’re going from yoga class straight into town!

3. With a Midi Skirt

The best way to style your jumper with a midi skirt is by tucking it into the skirt and pairing the two together. Wear this outfit during the colder months of the year, when it’s not too cold outside but you’re starting to feel a chill in the air.

Midi Skirt

The first way is by tucking your jumper into your midi skirt. The jumper should be fairly loose fitting, as it will most likely bunch up inside of your skirt. If you wear leggings or skinny jeans underneath, make sure they are tight enough so that they don’t show through the sides of your jumper on either side of the front zipper. You can also wear a belt over top or under both pieces for extra styling options!

4. With Wide Leg Trousers

Wear a pair of wide-leg trousers with your cashmere jumper for a classic, timeless look. Wear your trousers with the hemline either around your ankles or at the bottom of your calves, depending on what you feel most comfortable in.

Wide Leg Trousers

Wear your jumper with either a tucked-in shirt or a blouse that buttons up high enough to cover the top of your trousers so it’s not showing. If you do choose to wear an untucked shirt, make sure it is long enough so as not to show any skin above the waistband of the trousers and is opaque enough that it doesn’t show any skin when tucked in below the waistband of the trousers. 

5. Layer it Up

One of the most classic ways to wear a cashmere jumper is with a shirt and skirt. Pairing it with tights or leggings can make this outfit both cozy and chic. If you’re feeling daring, throw on some combat boots or oxford shoes for a more edgy look. 

Layer it Up

You can also wear it underneath another sweater as an alternative to wearing a coat, which will keep you nice and warm without adding any bulkiness. Layering your cardigans over your jumper is another good idea if you want to show off your style without sacrificing warmth in the process. It’s also perfect for layering under a jacket, scarf, or puffer jacket if it gets too cold outside.


So, we hope that these five tips have given you some inspiration for styling your Cashmere Jumper this season. It is always good to try out different things with your clothes and experiment with different combinations so that you can find what works for you. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to style and creativity is the key. So go out there and create something beautiful!

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