Best Cheap Knife Skins in CS2

Knife Skins

Since skins are one of the main reasons for the popularity of the CS2 shooter, it’s understandable that everyone wants to have an inventory with a lot of different skins, especially knife skins. Some skins are so expensive that not everyone can afford them. Therefore, this article will tell you about knife skins that look very good and are relatively inexpensive.

What are CS2 knives?

Let’s start with what knife skins are and how they deserve such demand in the CS community.

There are several reasons why they are expensive. Let’s start with their appearance. Knife skins not only look cool with patterns and coloring, but they also draw attention with animations. Each knife has its own animation, which looks really cool in the game. For example, you can spin a Butterfly Knife in your hand, endlessly rotate the Talon Knive on your index finger, or do dangerous tricks with Ursus Knives.

CS2 knives, known for their rarity and unique designs, contribute significantly to their high cost. Obtaining these exclusive blades can be a challenge, as CS2 knives can be obtained through CS2 cases, adding an element of excitement and scarcity to their acquisition. 

List of the Best Cheap Knife Skins

The price of a skin only sometimes depends on its appearance, so that you can find a beautiful skin for a relatively low price. Here are a few examples of such CS2 knives.

Falchion Knife Ultraviolet 

The Falchion knife appeared in Counter-Strike 2 along with the Bloodhound update. It immediately attracted the players’ attention since, at that time, it outwardly differed from the rest in an unusual shape. With it, the player can perform many tricks, and it is worth paying tribute to the cool animation.

Falchion Knife | Ultraviolet looks pretty concise. There are only two colors in the color scheme – black and purple. Black color covers almost the entire skin; only some of its parts are made in purple.

This is one of the best and most popular knife skins among users because, despite its characteristics, it is quite cheap, so many players can afford it.

Falchion Knife Urban Masked

Continuing the theme of what is good about the Falchion knife, we can say that players like to look at the knife as it has one of the rarest animations. Players can view it from all angles and spin it, but what they like the most is when the knife is balanced in the palm of their hand in an upright position for a few seconds.

Falchion Knife | Urban Masked is made entirely in gray shades in the form of urban camouflage. All skin parts are painted using cans of the appropriate paint and a stencil. Its appearance does not attract undue attention, which makes it even more inconspicuous during gameplay.

Shadow Daggers Ultraviolet

Shadow Daggers is one of the game’s most popular and recognizable knives. They have a unique animation that you won’t see on any other knife. Well, they also look spectacular, especially when you are preparing for close combat. The knife has many skins, one of which is Ultraviolet.

Shadow Daggers | Ultraviolet is cool skin, the color scheme of which consists of two colors – black and purple. The blade is painted black, and the handle is purple. It looks beautiful and concise, making it even more brutal and stylish.

The affordable price will please gamers as this is a really worthwhile skin.

Flip Knife Night

The Flip Knife is a kind of automatic knife. Although the knife animation is pretty standard, it still looks cool. The moment when the player switches the main weapon to a knife looks impressive. This is an affordable weapon because it has a large percentage of drops from the case.

Flip Knife | Night looks simple – the blade is painted black, and the handle is dark blue. The skin is ideal if you want the knife to be less noticeable in your hand.

How to obtain a CS2 knife?

Let’s start with the fact that, unlike other CS2 skins, knife skins do not drop out after matches; they cannot be crafted. But you still have a few more options.

The first option is to open cases, but we must admit that this is quite risky since the chance that you will receive a knife from the original CS2 case is very low. But if the desire to get skin from a case is irresistible, then it is better to use platforms that provide you with a huge selection of unique cases and open, for example, a case that contains only knife skins.

You can also purchase a knife on trusted platforms such as Steam, ShadowPay, and others. It will be easier than the first option, as you will get what you need immediately and you can be sure that you will get what you want.

A good option is to exchange skins. Although this is a long process, you first need to find the right skin and its owner and have something to offer in return. 

To Wrap Up!

If you want a knife in your inventory, it can be cheap. You can start collecting from cheaper skins, especially since they also look decent. If you have already thought about buying it, then do it sooner because they only become more expensive every year, so you can stay in the black if you take the opportunity.

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