Todd Drummond – Bio, Family, Life Facts, Net Worth 2021

Todd Drummond

Who is Todd Drummond? To begin with, Todd Drummond is the son of the famous TV personality, Ree Drummond. Ree Drummond is a renowned blogger, author, and food writer. The first appearance of Todd was in his mother’s blog called “The Pioneer Women”.

About Todd Drummond

Todd Drummond is the fourth son of Ree and Ladd Drummond. As previously mentioned, he is the last son of the couple. He was born on 10 June 2004. Currently, Todd is 16 years old and living happily with his parents.

Born: 2004 (age 16 years)
Siblings: Alex Drummond
Aunt: Betsy Lee Smith
Grandparents: Nan Drummond, Gerre Schwert, Chuck Drummond, William Douglas Smith
Parents: Ladd Drummond, Ree Drummond
Uncles: Tim Drummond, Doug Smith, Mike Smith
Todd Drummond
  • The early life of Todd Drummond:

The last member of the Drummond family is Todd Drummond. He was born at The Drummond ranch, which is in the northern part of Oklahoma, USA. Drummond’s family is popular in the television industry of the United States of America.

  • Siblings of Todd

Coming to the siblings of Todd, he had three siblings. Two elder sisters called Alex and Paige Drummond. He also has an elder brother called Bryce Drummond. The whole family lives in the Oklahoma state of the United States of America.

  • Education of Todd Drummond:

As stated earlier, Todd is currently 16 years old. He is currently in high school, enjoying his few last years of schooling. Apart from this, not much information is available on Todd’s education. However, he looks like a bright and energetic kid like his older siblings.

A brief on Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond’s mother Todd Drummond is a famous television personality. She is popular among people as an American food blogger. Ree is her nickname, and she is named Anne Marie. Anne was born on 6 January 1969 at Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

In fact, her plan after graduation was attending Law College. But this plan changed when she met her husband, Ladd Drummond. However, she began her blog in May of 2006. The blog is called “The pioneer women” that mainly focused on food.

Alternatively, the blog deals with topics of Ranch life and Homeschooling. Ree’s blog was read and liked by many of them. In 2010 February she was one of the top 25 celebrity lists on Forbes. In addition to this, her blog was the best weblog of the year for 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Her success did not end her. With the help of her success in the blogging world, Ree started her television program. The title of her program is the same as her web blog. She is also the author of cookbooks.

How did Todd rise to fame?

To tell the truth, Todd Drummond is famous for his mother celebrity status. The blog writer, author, and TV personality Ree Drummond’s success made Todd famous.

As a result of her blog which talks about Drummond’s personal life, Todd’s name appeared. Being the last child of the Drummond family, he is part of his mother blog and program. Therefore, like his father and elder siblings, Todd is also a reality TV star.

What is the misconception of Todd Drummond’s death?

Firstly, Todd Drummond is not dead. Honestly, he is doing fine and leading a good life with family on their ranch in Oklahoma.

Secondly, the misconception of his death in the media was due to their parent’s interview. In one of the interviews of Ree and her husband, they spoke about the tragedy. Ladd Drummond’s brother also Todd Drummond died at a young age. 

Since his death he was also in high school and had the same name as their younger son’s misconception rose.

Bottom Line:

In short Todd Drummond is the youngest son of popular food blogger Ree Drummond. He is a bright TV reality star living a good life with his parents and siblings.

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