What is the Cheapest Way to Transport a Car?

Interstate Carrier

With all the available transport options today, it can be challenging to look for a cheaper method to transport your vehicle. If this is your dilemma, well, then this article will interest you. With more and more people moving cross-country, choosing a reliable and affordable car transport is quite essential. Knowing that your car is in safe hands is something you should consider when selecting Interstate Car Carriers-car transport quotes. Here are several cheap ways you can transport your car cross-country.

1. Train

Compared to transporting your car via road, train transportation is cheaper. Rail transportation has lower fuel costs, which is sufficient for shipping a higher volume of freight. It is also environmentally friendly as a train burns less fuel compared to trucks. A train is also capable of hauling a larger load compared to other transportation methods.

Trains have standardized transit schedules. They also don’t share their track schedule with the public; this ensures that your car is safe for the entire transit duration. Railways are also not hindered by weather and traffic, unlike trucks. So with no hindrances, you are guaranteed that your car will get to its destination on time.

However, like any other transit method, using trains does come with several limitations. One such limitation is that the consignee and shipper should be no more than 100-200 miles from a metro area with a terminal. You are also not guaranteed transit times, especially if your load is time-sensitive.

2. Shipping

Another cheaper way to transport your car is through shipping. Like any other transportation method, shipping does come with several advantages. One advantage is that you get to save money. Shipping your car isn’t as expensive, as the price depends on several factors. However, compared to transporting your vehicle yourself, you get to save up on food and fuel expenses.

Another advantage is that you get to save time. With the hectic schedules we all have, shipping your vehicle will help you save time. It also spares your car tires the wear and tear of traveling long distances between states. Lastly, you also don’t have to deal with constant pit stops and traffic.

Now that you know the benefits of using shipping to transport a car, it’s essential to know the disadvantages. One disadvantage is late delivery. Using a shipping company can sometimes mean late deliveries, as the shipping company has several cars to handle. So, if you’re in a hurry, you might not want to use a shipping company.

3. Interstate Carriers

Cross-state drives are tedious, expensive, and sometimes dangerous. With an interstate carrier, you are guaranteed that your car is safe at all times. In addition, most interstate carriers provide their clients with car shipping quotes that make it easy to compare the services they offer. 

Another benefit is that you are guaranteed that your car is protected the entire route. A reputable interstate carrier ensures that your vehicle isn’t subjected to accidents, dings, and scratches. However, if anything happens to your car during transit, insurance can cover any of the costs. You are also confident that your vehicle gets protection from exterior elements, thanks to their enclosed containers.

It also helps you save time and money, as you don’t have to drive the vehicle yourself. Lastly, by using a reputable interstate carrier, you enjoy the convenience of car delivery. You don’t have to worry about picking up or delivering the car yourself, as the interstate carrier comes where you are.

4. Moving Truck

Another cheaper way to transport your car is by using a moving truck. You can have your car hitch a ride at the back of the moving truck using a car trailer or tow dolly. First, however, you have to confirm if the truck rental company allows users to transport their vehicles using the moving truck. If they do, then they will most likely have the equipment you need to hitch your car on the back of a truck.

It’s important to note that one limitation you may experience when using this transportation mode is that it can get quite challenging to drive the truck. So, if you aren’t comfortable hauling a huge moving truck, then it might not be a good idea to add a trailer as well.

5. Hire a Driver

The last cheapest option you can consider is hiring a driver to help make the drive for you. However, the one downside of this transportation option may end up being too pricey compared to the rest. This is because you not only have to pay the driver, but your car will register more miles.

Of all five options, the most sufficient is the use of an interstate carrier. They are safe, cheap, and you get your car picked up and delivered wherever you are.