Who Micah Beals Is: Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth

Micah Beals

Micah Beals is one of the finest actors, TV personalities, media faces, and composers. Moreover, he is also a controversial figure in the US. People know him the best for his acting in a lot of movies and TV shows. 

For instance, he has played roles in the shows such as CSI: NY, A Guy Walks Into A Bar, Sati Shaves Her Head, Lip Service, etc. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that he came under the spotlight. In that year he vandalized the statue of George Floyd in NYC. So, the police naturally arrested him on spot that day. 

Micah Beals

People became extremely aggressive and agitated due to his rash behavior and racial action. So, a lot of people even left negative comments on his social media handles. Moreover, there are also a few who want to know about him now. 

If you are someone who wants to know about Micah Beals, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about Mica’s life. So, if you want to know details such as Micah’s life facts, age, career, family, net worth, and more, then go through this article. 

A Short Bio:Wiki On Micah Beals

Name Micah Joel Beals
Alternate Names Micah Beals
Nick Name
Pop Star
Birth Year Born in 1984
How old is? 37 years (as of 2022)
How tall is? 1.70 m (in feet inches- 5′ 7″)
Gender Male
Birthplace (Native) United States
Zodiac Sign
Net Worth $2-3 million USD

According to the reports, Micah Beals was born in the year 1984, in the USA. So, we can say that as of 2022 he is around 37-38 years old. His full name is Micah Joel Beals. People know him popularly as Micah Femia. 

There are not a lot of facts available about this person. For instance, he hasn’t shared the details of his educational background. However, the sources tell us that he went to a local school to obtain a basic education. Thereafter, he went to a college to study for degrees. 

Family & Personal Life Of Micah

Micah hasn’t disclosed the names of his parents to the media. But there are a few sources that claim that his father is an entrepreneur and his mother on the other hand is a homemaker. As for any siblings, we don’t know for certain. However, it’s worth noting that he belongs to a mixed ethnical background and a wealthy Christian family. Apart from these, there are no info that we can share about his family.

Similarly, Micah being the reserved person that he is, hasn’t disclosed any sort of info on his personal life. It’s possible that he is dating someone but prefers to keep it private. On the other hand, it’s also possible that he is single right now. 

Micah’s Career As An Actor

So, as we all know, Micah Beals is actually an actor. According to the sources, he made his acting debut in 2005 with the TV series CSI: NY. So, in that series, he played the role of a lead Teen Boy. Thereafter, in the film Beat The Street, he played the role of a DJ. Apart from these, he has worked in a lot of TV shows and films. 

From his childhood, he had a passion and dream to become an actor. So, it’s great that he has achieved his dream. There are lots of works other than the ones that we mentioned where he has performed. For instance, he played roles in the works such as Parks and Recreation, Bad Weather Films, Closer, and a lot more. The last time he played a role was back in 2013, in the short film Sincerely. 

A Few Notes On The Controversy

So, he has primarily come under the limelight for trying to vandalize the statue of George Floyd. Micah Beals went to Union Square Park, NYC, USA, and threw white paint on the statue of George Floyd as per the reports. 

After this incident, the police arrested him. In addition, it’s also worth noting that the police have charged him with second-degree criminal mischief. Naturally, a lot of people expressed their anger over this act. They even posted hate comments on his social media handles. 

Micah Beals Net Worth

Micah Beals as an actor has earned a lot of fortune for himself. As per the reports, his net worth as of 2022 is around 2-3 million USD.

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