International Car Relocation: Navigating the Logistics

International Car Relocation

The car, a prized possession to the owner, must be shipped safely to a new location, ensuring that no damage is caused. If you are relocating your car from one country to another, you must ensure that your shipper gives a full guarantee against physical damage to the vehicle. 

The issue of physical damages emanates from the fact that during international car relocation, the vehicle may suffer damages due to wrong or faulty packing, using sub-standard materials in packing, and inept handling of the car while lifting it onto the ship and downloading it upon reaching the destination.

According to the latest report, car imports from New Zealand have dropped slightly recently, but they are likely to take a giant stride as the holiday season is over. 

We are listing below five major factors that you must take into consideration before booking your car with a shipper: 

Transporting companies must have experience: Car shipment requires technical and manpower expertise. The company must have hauling machines, the latest equipment, Artificial Intelligence-enabled mechanical facilities, and efficient loaders and unloaders. This means the company must have been in this business for a considerable time. Don’t book a new company, as it may not have gained total expertise in car shipment. 

Cost Factor: Car transportation from one country to another, like Japan to NZ, is costly. You must do a bit of market study to ensure that the charges or costs quoted to you match the market standard and are competitive. A predatory cost is often charged for car shipments from one country to another. You may be forced to pay more if you don’t survey the market. 

RORO & Vehicle Container Facility: Cars and most vehicles are shipped from one country to another in specially designed containers or ships known as Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO). Such vessels are specially designed and purpose-built to carry cars. Transporting or importing cars through RORO or a vehicle container is always considered the best option, as it eliminates the danger of any damage to the car’s body. 

Expertise in Car-Packaging: Car packaging for import or export is done in a specific way to ensure that the vehicle reaches its destination without even sustaining a scratch on its body. But this is possible only when the packers and movers have machine-aided wrapping and packing expertise. Besides, the materials used for packing must also be of high standard. Don’t go for it if your packer and mover are not giving any packaging guarantee.

Car Consignment Tracking Facility: A RORO or car shipper must give you an internet-backed consignment tracking facility. If you have booked a car from a foreign country, you are always excited about when it reaches your doorstep. Naturally, you would like to know the location of your car. A well-managed car shipper will always give you an internet-aided car tracking facility. If your shipper is not providing you with this facility, you will remain totally in the dark regarding the current location of your car. 

These are the primary factors you must consider before booking your car. If your shipper is not giving in writing regarding adherence to these points, just don’t opt for it. Go for another RORO company that guarantees all these factors. 

Knowing Trade Lanes is Important for You 

In international waters, several trade lanes are frequently used by shipping liners, container carriers, liquid bulk carriers, oil containers, and car/vehicle carriers. 

You must learn about these trade lanes as some are very safe, some are safe, and some are risky. Some container carriers and ROROs often move through troubled international waters prone to piracy to cut short the timings and save fuel costs. But your car may be exposed to risks if moving through such risky trade lanes. 

If you do some study and research, you can avoid such watery lanes prone to natural calamities and piracy. If wars are raging in some countries, you must avoid booking your car with a carrier passing through the waters of such war zones. 

Due to this reason, you must not act hurriedly while booking your car in Japan or any other country for importing the vehicle. Always book a car that follows the safe trade route. If you plan to import a car from Japan to NZ, you must consider several factors about the shipper to ensure that your car reaches your doorstep without inflicting any damage or defacement. This is the primary reason you must always select a ship-liner specializing in car import. 

Another important point is that your car must be 100% insured while transported. You should also insist on the body damage or repair cost insurance clause. This may help you ensure total safety regarding your car’s transportation to NZ from Japan or any part of the world. 


Car shipping through international waters requires several legal formalities, documents, and papers. To exemplify, if you are importing a car to NZ from Japan, your shipper must procure an export certificate and fulfill all the formalities at the customs clearance house, both at the originating and landing points. This makes it imperative that you ensure your car shipper completes all these formalities for you. If the documentation is improper, you risk your car being impounded, detained, or seized.

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