6 Things That Make Your Home a Target For Thieves

6 Things That Make Your Home a Target For Thieves

If you are a homeowner, one of your primary concerns is probably your house’s safety when you leave for an extended time. Although you probably have the security basics covered, such as installing an alarm system or leaving the lights on, there are tell-tale signs that convey a home is unattended and, thus, a prime target for stealing that may have fallen under your radar. 

An overflowing mailbox

One indicator that the house is unoccupied is an overflowing mailbox. If you didn’t ask someone to pick up the mail in your absence, then those letters will probably pile up on your front door. 

There are ways to avoid this issue, such as a quick call to hold up your mail, or you can sign up for a virtual mailbox. A virtual mailbox subscription is a more convenient way to handle your mail, dissuade burglars and overall avoid letter and package theft. Plus, this way, you will also be helping the environment by producing less paper waste.

Forgetting to lock doors or windows

The first item on the list might be a bit obvious, but forgetting to lock doors and windows happens more often than you might initially suspect. Some people can forget to lock a door or leave a window open, even if it’s just a crack, making it easier for the burglars to invade.

Other people might not be in the habit of locking up since they live in a relatively safe area, which holds especially true for residential or suburban places where the nearest neighbor can sometimes be miles away. With your defenses down and no neighbors within earshot, your home can quickly become a magnet for burglars who can sneak into your house sight unseen. 

Revealing on social media that you’re away

Posting on social media can backfire, as you’re informing everyone on your public profile that your house is currently unattended, making it a perfect opportunity for anyone with ill intentions to get in.

Before posting selfies in an airplane terminal, ensure the pictures or videos aren’t public. If you’d prefer not to switch your settings, wait until you get back to post vacation snapshots. 

Unkept or snowed garden

Some burglars can easily tell that the house is empty just by looking at the house’s front exterior. Nicely cut grass and watered plants convey that there’s frequent activity in the house, whereas an overgrown lawn and withered flowers can send the opposite message. 

Likewise, another giveaway is a snow-covered front garden that hasn’t been shoveled or stepped on. You can avoid these dead giveaways of inactivity by asking a friend or a neighbor to lend you a hand and clear the snow.

Expensive things on sight

Sometimes what makes a house attractive for a break-in is not just its pristine exterior, but what it looks on the inside. Having expensive items on easy display will definitely make your house more eye-catching to thieves.

Leaving equipment or tools at hand

You don’t want to make it easier for the thieves to get into your house, so don’t leave any tools or equipment lying around in front of your house or in the backyard.

After you are done gardening or working around the house repairing things, you shouldn’t forget to put ladders, tools, chairs, tables or anything else away in a secure and locked place.

Final thoughts

Protecting your home and valuable objects should be one of your top priorities. By taking the items above into account and putting them into practice, you can make sure that your house is safer than Fort Knox, and you can leave without worrying that something will happen in your absence.