Veronica Baker’s Murder Case: Who’s The Culprit?

Veronica Baker

Veronica Baker, a 17-year-old teenage girl met a tragic end to her life. So, as per the reports, somebody shot her fatally in a fast-food restaurant’s parking lot last year. Naturally, this incident had made a lot of noise. 

So, as per the reports, the culprit behind the murder shot Veronica Baker in a car at the Parking lot, in Garner, North Carolina. This incident occurred on a Saturday night in 2020. Soon after the incident, the police had taken the culprit to police custody. 

If you want to know more about Veronica’s murder incident then you are at the right place. In this article, you will find all about the incident and also about the murderer as well. 

A Bit On The Victim

Veronica Baker, or whom we also know as Veronica Lee Baker was a 17-year-old teenager. It’s quite unfortunate that she had to meet such a tragic end to her life. So, as per the reports, the police found her dead inside a car in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. According to the reports we have got to know that this incident took place on Saturday, 15th August. 

It’s also worth noting that Veronica, 17, was a graduate of Garner High School. Moreover, her father said that Veronica was about to start online sociology classes at Wake Technical Community College soon. However, she met such a tragic fate and therefore had to leave this world. 

What Happened to The Girl?

So, as we said earlier, the police found her dead in a car in a parking lot. In fact, it looked like somebody had shot her inside a still-running car. This event took place in a Bojangles parking lot in Garner, North Carolina. There were people who called the police because they saw an unresponsive victim in the parking lot. 

There Was A 911 Call As Well

So, according to the reports, we have got to know that somebody had called the police. In fact, the police said that they received a 911 call from a man. He said that he had seen a girl in a running car & it didn’t look like she was breathing. 

He said, “ There’s a car with the doors wide open and there’s a girl who is unresponsive… it doesn’t look like there’s breathing”.The caller even tried to shake Veronica but it didn’t matter.

Who Is The Killer?

Less than a week after the shooting the police were able to catch the killer. So, after catching hold of the killer the police brought him to custody. So, do you want to know the name? Well, as per the sources, the police charged Devin Cordel Jones, age 17, with the murder of Veronica Baker.

Even though the police think that it was Devin who committed the crime, they arrested three more potential suspects. So, the police said that the three people, Michelle Deans, Nezyiha Zamir Collins, and Tyreek Qumay helped Jones to flee the scene of the crime. Therefore, the police charged the trio with felony accessory to murder. 

In fact, it was Dean who helped Jones to flee from the scene. In addition, Collins and Rogers tried to flee from the state along with Jones. So, that’s why police are suspecting that this is a planned murder. 

Reaction Of Veronica’s Father

Veronica Baker’s father has expressed his immense grief over this situation. Her family members said that she had known her killer and they went to school together. In fact, her father said that he loved to help other people through campaigning.

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