Keep Your Luggage Safe In Barcelona With These 5 Tips

Keep Your Luggage Safe In Barcelona

Traveling to Barcelona, Spain? Many tourists leave their luggage in lockers at the airport or local storage facilities while exploring the city. However, you might be better off leaving your luggage at your hotel or hostel instead of relying on public storage facilities if you want to keep it safe. These 5 tips will help you keep your luggage safe and secure when traveling in Barcelona as a tourist, no matter where you choose to store it.

1) Use a small backpack

A smaller backpack will allow you to blend into a crowd and avoid thieves looking for bags that are easy to spot. With your bag more easily concealed, you’ll also be less target. When traveling, it’s also important to stay as organized as possible to find certain items easy and intuitive.

2) Hide valuables

It’s a good idea to keep your most valuable items on your person, especially when away from your hotel. It might be a hassle to carry your cash, laptop, and tablet around all day, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind. In addition to keeping small items such as wallets and cell phones close at hand while you sightsee, it’s always smart to hide valuables in secure places.

3) Get pickpocket-proof bags

Every tourist wants to snap a picture of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia without your camera. One way to keep your valuables safe is by investing in pickpocket-proof bags. While no bag is completely pickpocket-proof, travel bags with special locks can protect you from unwanted thieves. Be sure to keep any valuable or important items such as passports and credit cards locked away.

4) Learn from locals

Take advantage of your surroundings. Soak up everything that can help you get to know a new place. Tap in local experts for information about local laws, current events, cultural nuances, and other helpful hints. Use them if you have access to locals who’ve lived there for a while and are willing to share their knowledge! And if you’re looking to extend your time away from home (while still enjoying safe accommodations), don’t hesitate to make use of luggage storage Barcelona has available for tourists staying more than one night. Storage spots are usually located near bus stations and main tourist areas—they’re available all day long and usually offer key-card access and 24/7 video surveillance.

5) Use anti-theft apps

In addition to a physical lock, invest in an anti-theft app for your phone. Apps that allow you to keep track of your phone’s location if it is stolen or misplaced can send you regular alerts. The apps also allow you to take photos remotely, sound an alarm, wipe a device’s data, lock a phone and display private information (such as contacts or messages) on the lock screen—all features that could come in handy while traveling.


You’re a tourist, and you have tons of expensive luggage. You are worried about traveling through big cities or small towns, where thieves lurk around every corner. The above tips should help you stay safe: