Open an Islamic Account to Have Unlimited Advantages on Swap-Free Trading

Open an Islamic Account

Online trading is quite different for Muslim traders due to the Shariah laws. According to this Islamic law, Muslim traders can not participate in receiving or paying interest fees. Therefore, being a Muslim trader, you can not engage in normal trading. Nevertheless, if you come from the Islamic religion, there are other ways for you to build a trading career. While you have a certain respect for this Islamic law and want to maintain the prohibition of interest fees, you can open an Islamic account with This Islamic account will allow you to enjoy swap-free trading. On the other hand, trading with this brokerage company will help you to have comfortable trading conditions and multiple other benefits. In this article, we will explain to you what are the benefits that you can receive from this financial provider as a Muslim trader.

The Importance of an Islamic Account:

First, it is important to understand the normal trading activities with You can trade with the online trading platform of this organization at any time the whole day. Due to this advantage, clients from different places around the globe can access the financial markets at any time and trade a variety of trading instruments including foreign currencies, shares, currency options, commodities, shares, bonds, etc. Therefore, to earn from financial markets, some traders prefer to have open positions for a few hours in the daytime, whereas others like to keep open positions for a longer scope throughout the night. Nevertheless, you require to pay or receive swaps or special fees to engage in these activities. Swaps are a kind of interest rate and that’s why being a Muslim trader, you can not involve in these activities. For this reason, an Islamic account is important for Muslim traders where you do not have to deal with the interest fees.

How to Trade with Using an Islamic account?

If you trade with this financial provider using an Islamic account, the trading platform will automatically close all the deals on your trading account at 22:00:00 GMT and instantly reopen at 22:00:01 GMT. This will allow you to have an open position for the upcoming trading and avoid the charges of swaps. Due to this feature, your Islamic account remains distinct from the real accounts. However, all the other advantages will be available to this Islamic account.

The Benefits of Trading with is a licensed investment organization that takes care of the safety of your money. With the help of the innovative WebTrader trading platform of this financial provider, you can use multiple analytical options, over 250 trading tools, bots, and the opinions from expert advisors and can immediately learn about the price fluctuations of the assets. The 128-bit key encryption facility of this trading platform is effective to secure your data. In particular, with, you will have an excellent trading environment, an automated trading experience, and outstanding customer support. Therefore, to have all these advantages and the opportunity of swap-free trading, trade with this brokerage company using your Islamic account.