TechBerry Review: A Must-Have for Forex


The sheer enormity to be experienced when it comes to the number of forex markets out there can be a bit overwhelming. However, despite those numbers, the forex market is undeniably at the top, as its trading volumes have indicated. However, this value comes with a drawback, and that’s the cost, which takes the form of numerous learning curves that need to be overcome to successfully navigate in the FX sector. However, you need to allocate some of that caution and carefulness, which makes familiarizing oneself with the space a bit challenging.

Mastering any skill requires a blend of patience and competence, with FX not being any different, as both such traits are needed to have a thorough understanding of it. Training oneself is thus incredibly important, with the same being true for the mindset that accompanies it. But why the mindset, you may wonder? Well, for the strategies, of course.

The Distinct Qualities of TechBerry

Under the platform known as TechBerry, there’s a rather innovative take awaiting discovery, one that involves AI and social FX. This is especially evident when one sees how consistently reliable its market insights are, which leap beyond conventional analyses. Furthermore, this can also be attributed to the massive volumes of data it gathers each day, which comprises the experiences of over 100,000 trading accounts. The data from these accounts, which belong to professionals, is significant enough to accurately gauge market sentiments.

Furthermore, because of how TechBerry integrates deep learning algorithms, enormous volumes of information can be assessed, enabling the discovery of many opportune trading moments. In addition, there’s TechBerry’s Expert Advisor software too, which offers both experts and novices another advantageous avenue, and they’d only need to share their trading data.

Yet another indication of how dependable TechBerry can be is its very inception, which happened around nine years ago in 2015, indicating that it has been surviving for so long within an extremely competitive industry while offering that 11.2% monthly return rate.

TechBerry’s Beneficiaries

TechBerry is, without a doubt, one of the leading FX platforms, enhancing financial gains and revenue for so many people out there, such as investors. So below, we’ll be looking at such beneficiaries.


Should investors want access to TechBerry’s monthly return rate, they have to create an account on the platform, make some deposits, and wait. After a couple of months, you’ll see the fruits of that labor on full display as your initial investments accrue significantly in worth. Also, you have TechBerry’s automation to thank here, which lowers the need to monitor one’s investments all that often. However, if there is a loss during market downturns, then you’ll be reimbursed, no doubt.

But there’s no way the benefits stop there for investors, as TechBerry’s membership plans are filled to the brim with variety and built with what investors really want in mind. Because of that, they’ve been split into multiple levels or tiers, like silver, gold, green, platinum, and more. So, your fees, along with the insurance coverage for each plan and some other things, will vary depending on where your membership level is. The highest is VIP.

Through VIP, your insurance coverage will be 100%, all with significantly lower fees and a couple of other benefits, like exclusive offers, a personal manager, real-time trade monitoring, access to an Annual Exclusive Event for VIP members, and more.


If you’re more interested in the trading elements of FX, then the passive income opportunities within TechBerry will be a welcome sight. All you have to do is just share your trading data from those MT4 or MT5 platforms that you’re using, and you’ll get a bonus each month for it.

Financial Institutions

As for firms that are looking into sustainable returns from their potential investments, or whether they’re just seeking some additional insights regarding FX, then TechBerry can be a much-appreciated platform, enough for their requirements, offering intricate historical insights that such institutions can leverage for making better, more informed decisions.

Muslim Investors

For Muslims, TechBerry’s compliance with Sharia-centric trading practices will be swiftly apparent when they start trading here. Hence, they may rest easy knowing that they will not compromise on their religious values or traditions. Besides, TechBerry has already witnessed extensive auditing by esteemed and respectable third parties, like MyFxBook, FX Blue, and more.

TechBerry Vs. Competitors

eToro has both copy trading and individual trading on offer, even allowing for investments to undergo simulation through various products, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. However, with TechBerry, trades are not just duplicated; they’re handled more competently via data-driven insights and automation.

AvaTrade has many resources, with its popularity being obvious throughout the world. But in its shortcomings, when compared to TechBerry, it fails to provide any consistent return rates, whereas TechBerry rewards when you just share your data.

Bitcoin ETF Alternative

BTC-based ETFs refer to assets that can mirror Bitcoin’s underlying worth and can be traded on traditional stock exchanges. Such instruments support investments in the tokens, but without any involvement from cryptocurrency exchanges and the risks pertaining to them, and with leverage too.

The ProtoShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) can be a popular example of this, and it can even be purchased on the NYSE Arca. Moreover, such a rise in popularity has some implications for TechBerry’s services too, which have already established themselves as a Bitcoin ETF alternative. Hence, from now on, you have the flexibility of selecting from several BTC-based membership plans, all with streamlined withdrawals and deposits, at exchange rates determined when transactions are executed. Payment methods, such as bank wires and credit cards, are supported.

TechBerry: The Future of FX Trading is Here

Because of TechBerry’s inventive trading practices and seamless FX trading, it swiftly managed to climb the leading ranks of the FX sector. Such sheer success can also be directly tied to its consistent return rates, particularly that 11.2% monthly return rate for investors, and that too within an industry known for its risky nature.