Movies to Watch For Better Lifestyle Inspiration

Lifestyle Inspiration

Looking for ways to improve your lifestyle? Every considered film to take inspiration and ideas from? Well, let’s do that!

 Many people today are concerned about their health and wellness. This has caught the attention of Hollywood. We have curated our favorite movies and documentaries about fitness, disease, nutrition, and other topics related to health.

Are you interested in meditating or practicing yoga? Looking for inspiration from someone who has transformed from obese to super fit? Have you ever heard of the possibility of music being used to treat Alzheimer’s patients? Whether you are looking for cancer research or Susan Sarandon movies from the ’90s, we have what you are looking for!

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Chariots of Fire

During the 1294 Paris Olympics, two Olympic athletes from Great Britain persevered to represent their country. University of Cambridge student Harold Abrahams faces antisemitism. When he wins the university competition, he finds comfort in being the fastest runner. Despite her sister’s disapproval, Eric Liddell struggles to accept his sister’s wish for him to become a missionary in China. The two athletes will go against expectations and rely on their own beliefs to perform at their best.

The perseverance of these characters should inspire you to never give up in life

Regardless of what your goals are, they will demonstrate that nothing is impossible! All you need is the right attitudes and products to complete the challenge.

Lorenzo’s Oil

This 1992 movie stars Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte as distraught and frustrated parents of a child suddenly inflicted with neurological problems including hearing loss and behavioral issues. In this true story, the parents seek to understand their son’s illness by setting out on a journey. When their children consume a combination of oils, Sarandon and Nolte’s characters are able to ease the symptoms they’re experiencing.

Cinderella Man

A true tale of James J. Braddock, a heavyweight boxing champ who lost his right hand after breaking it, the movie tells the story of his struggle to survive during the great depression. His manager offers Braddock the opportunity to fill up a boxing match just for one night. After defeating his opponent, Braddock discovers that his left hand still has strength. There are two options available to Braddock now. Alternatively, he can continue to be a longshoreman and remain impoverished by competing for the world championship.


It is fascinating to me that this film explores something that is often considered too minute to have a serious impact on our lives. It is common knowledge that good soil is beneficial to plants, but we often fail to realize how it impacts the environment in the long run. Dirt plays an important role in our everyday lives, as the film explores its evolution. The serious impact it has on our nutrition and the cycles of life is astounding to me.

 Agricultural and mining industries are investigated in the film and how they affect healthy dirt for a longer period of time. As a result of watching the film, the viewer is not only forced to recognize and appreciate the importance of dirt, but is also encouraged to explore home gardens, edible schoolyards and the benefits of community gardens. The scary thing is wondering if we can reverse the damage caused by the mass agriculture revolution in the long run.

Alive Inside

People have been dancing to music since the first human dropped a beat, evoking emotions and making them feel good. We may consider Alzheimer’s patients to be unreachable, but “Alive Inside” from 2014 shows that music can be powerful enough to reach them. Watch this documentary to learn more about music’s incredible effect on people and to discover how it plays a role in forming and recalling memories.


During this documentary, three New Yorkers who love meat and cheese attempt a six-week vegan diet. Despite the fact that the planet’s fate may depend on their actions, they do not realize how much is at stake. In films such as Food, Inc., people become intrigued by the stories of weight loss and health regained and discover hidden aspects of animal agriculture. It does not take long for them to be willing to risk everything just to expose an industry they supported just weeks earlier.

Wrapping Up

That is all for this lifestyle inspiration post. We hope you enjoyed reading it and got inspired too. You can also share movie recommendation that you might have along with some healthy lifestyle tips and tricks. Let us know in the comments below.

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