You Can Get Argyle’s Stranger Things Pizza Now & It’s Real: Find Out Everything About It

Stranger Things Pizza

If you have recently watched the fourth season of Stranger Things, then you may know about the fictional pizza chain Surfer Boy pizza, right? Even though the fourth season has ended, our cravings for the pizza haven’t. Now, we have stranger things pizza, or what we may also like to call, surfer boy’s pizza to satisfy our hunger. 

Argyle (Eduardo Franco), the new character of the stranger things is the one who runs this pizza chain. Of course, those of you who have followed the story know how much of an impact these pizza dough freezers have in the story. 

However, what’s interesting is, fans who dialed the stranger things pizza number are saying that Argyle’s delivery fan actually functions! So, the question is, what happens when you dial this pizza number? Well, if you want to know and have a taste of the Surfer’s pizza, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall provide you with everything that you need to know about it. 

Tiktok Users Are Now Dialing The Stranger Things Pizza Number

Stranger Things Pizza
Credit: CBR

With the inclusion of the character of Argyle stranger things, Stranger Things have a new pizza chain. So, a lot of people may remember that during the 3rd season of the show, Netflix set up a number of Murray. If the fans dialed the number, it would lead to Murray’s answering the call with a lengthy message. Now, it appears that another such easter is back once again, only this time, it’s a number for a pizza chain. 

On the back of Argyle’s pizza van, we can see the official number of the Stranger things pizza chain. If you are looking for the number, then it’s 805-457-4992. So, in this show, this pizza chain becomes a pretty vital cog in the wheel. Mike, Eleven, Jonathan, Will, and Argyle’s mission is to return to the Hawkins, save the world, and save their friends from the vicious curse of Vecna. 

So, it’s worth noting that the fans of the show are now dialing this number to see if it works like Murray’s number. Well, a fan on Tiktok posted, “I wonder if anyone else tried calling surfer boy pizza in stranger things”. The user, whose name is Bianca, then dials the Stranger things pizza’s number, visible from the Pizza van in S4. Well, guess what, the number actually does work and you will hear a message from Argyle himself, who says, ‘Hello?’.

Now, what’s interesting is, the results vary. For instance, one user says, he got one about the yellow crust and also a very extensive order. Needless to say, it’s a new easter egg for the stranger things fan which perfectly goes well with season 4. 

Where To Get Surfer Boy Pizza?

Argyle Stranger Things
Credit: mashable

Netflix hasn’t stopped its viral marketing of the Stranger Things Pizza. So, as per the sources, Palermos pizza in Milwaukee city of Wisconsin has now partnered with Netflix. In addition, they have also partnered up with Walmart to bring the Surfer Boy Pizza to the house. 

So, as we know, Stranger Things is one of the top shows on Netflix. That’s the reason why the show’s success has resulted in the Stranger Pizza’s entry into the ‘Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest’ now. 

Well, Palermo’s director of marketing John Leonardo said, “It was a no-brainer entering it (the pizza) in the contest. We’ve been getting great reactions from the folks that have tried the pizza and are fans of the show”. 

So, quite naturally, this pizza has gone viral. He also added that a lot of TikTok videos and users are now spreading it on social media. Therefore, it has been a very fun adventure for them. In fact, they are pretty happy to share it with everyone in the country. 

So, as to where to get, you can also get the pizza from the fictional chain in four different flavors. They are Pineapple Jalapeno, Meat Lovers, Supreme, and Pepperoni. All these pizzas now come with the Surfer Boy sign and red-white checkered boxes.

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