Why You Should Prioritize UX on Your Website and App

Why You Should Prioritize UX on Your Website and App

User experience is a critical factor in your website or app’s success. Once you implement tools like journey mapping to gain insight into your UX, you will be able to see your content from the perspective of the real-world user. But why is UX so important to investigate and prioritize?

Effective UX will reduce bounce rate

User experience data should help you identify which pages have high bounce rates. If you know that a page of your website or app is not engaging your users, that should be a good hint that something on that page should be optimized. 

According to SEMRush, you can lower bounce rates by focusing on page load times, high-quality content on every page, and avoidance of technical errors, among others. These components of user experience can disrupt your users’ attention span in moments, but you can keep them focused and interact with your content with UX tweaks.

You will earn customer loyalty

Consider your favorite apps to use and how long you have used them.

Although there may have been times when your experience was not perfect, chances are you ultimately feel a sense of loyalty to the most-improved apps on your phone. That is because these apps are adapted to suit your and other users’ needs. It is common to see several years old apps still retaining a large base of users because they have attended to the UX.

Take, for example, users’ frustrations with the MyFitnessPal app’s short food library leading devs to allow for manual entries by the users themselves. Though not every adaptation will be too noticeable or costly, intelligent ones will earn customer loyalty. 

Spend less time and money down the road

It’s no secret that businesses still need a website today. A website gives your business an online presence in a way that not even social media profiles can fully replace in the online space. But this visibility comes at a cost, especially if it is not done right the first time.

While an obsolete or somewhat outdated website is nearly worthless, every update to the site eats up valuable resources. This means that the earlier you focus on the UX design of your website, the less money you will need to spend on future improvements. 

User experience is essential regardless of whether your app or website has only a few users or a hundred thousand. But prioritizing it sooner will lead to earlier growth and more long-term customer satisfaction and, therefore, loyalty.

Final thoughts

A happy user is a loyal and engaged user, and attention to UX on websites and apps is what makes users happy if they are intuitive and pleasing in design.

Do not let slow pages or technical errors drive away customers who would otherwise stay on your app or website. Take the time and money to invest in user experience design early and often to see your content and business grow the way it deserves.