Reasons to Move to Washington, DC

Move to Washington, DC

If you’re a Boston to dc movers and have never been to the capital city, you wouldn’t know that DC is the land that makes history. The nation’s capital holds the incredibly designed White house, has a calming green scenery, and new start-ups thrive here. But that’s not all there is to this beautiful state. Read on to find out more reasons to move to Washington, DC.  

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Washington, DC

  • Climate and nature

One of the biggest perks of moving to DC is that you get to enjoy every season, from the winter months to the spring, summer, and autumn. Fun activities can also seem more thrilling, from a paddleboat ride in the summer to watching the rainbows in the summer, sledding in the winter, and watching the cherry blossom in the spring. 

  • Growing labor market

Did you know that DC’s residents have one of the highest median salary incomes in the US, over 21% higher than the national average? 

You have the opportunity to land your dream job in DC. The city favors tech firms, and new start-ups find it easy to establish themselves. Statistics reveal that 75.5% of new entrepreneurs are becoming more popular in DC. In fact, it’s easier to own, buy or invest in a business venture in the nation’s capital than any other city in the US. 

Apart from this, it’s easy to get a job working for the government as yearly, the US government offers over 140,000 residents (25% of DC’s residents) job opportunities to decrease the unemployment rate in the country. 

  • Sport

You get to enjoy varieties of sports in DC, from hockey to soccer, football and baseball. And, it’s not just about professional sports; college sports also thrive in the city. DC’s major sports teams include DC United, Maryland Terrapins, Washington Nationals, Redskins, Mystics, Capitals, and Washington Wizards. 

  • Education

When it comes to the educational sector, the capital city offers up to 208 public institutions and 87 private schools with the highest academic standard in the entirety of the United States. Statistics even reveal that kids who attend DC’s institutions ensure to complete their high school, bachelors, and even go as far as having master’s degree. 

  • Affordable prices

Another advantage of moving to DC is that you can get cheaply here most things you find at an expensive rate in other states. For instance, transportation is cheap due to the availability of metro stations. You could even buy a house at a more affordable rate. 

  • Transport

If you move to DC, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting around the city. The capital city offers diverse transportation options, with public transit being the most favorable for many. In fact, in the entirety of the United States, Dc’s Metrorail and Metrobus are the fastest; so, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting to your destination late, even during the rush hours. The Metrobus connects you to places outside the route of the Metrorail. 

DC’s taxi services will serve you better when you can’t get public transit. They are cheap and take you through any route with ease. Another known transport means the Circulator. This is a free bus provided by the government to take residents through six trails. If you have a close-space phobia, the good news is that you can always joggle through the city via bikes. 

  • Culture

One other reason to move to Washington, DC, is that the city is filled with incredibly diverse cultures. You can’t help but immerse yourself in the different cultures adorning the city, from the food scene to the sports music genres. 

  • Kitchen

Whatever your food preference or budget, foodies are bound to love the diverse meals they get from DC’s various kitchen scenes. You could enjoy signature cuisines like Chesapeake blue crabs, Mumbo sauce, Peruvian Polla a la Brasa, Aplets & Cotlets, Korean fried chicken, Chesapeake oysters, and even DC’s signature half-smoke. Walk into an Italian, Chinese, Korean, or African restaurant and enjoy a sumptuous meal like never before. 

  • Many attractions

If you live in DC, you’ll enjoy the beautiful attractions in Virginia and Maryland. 

At Virginia, you could go shopping at George Washington’s Estate Mount Vernon, visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Arlington, tour the historic battle site of the civil war, or head down to the old Alexandria town and enjoy a landmark meal at Gadsby’s Tavern, a famous colonial-era pub. The Smithsonian Museum of National history showcases various artifacts from wildlife to rare pieces worldwide. Talk about the National Gallery of Art, and you get to see an amazing range of art pieces from famous American and European painters through the centuries. 

Maryland also offers amazing attractions where you can dine and shop at Chevy Chase. Down north at the Silver Spring, you get the chance to watch an indie film at a historical disco theatre called the AFI Silver Theatre. Live music also thrives in this town’s path, so head down to Strathmore for a live music scene. 

Love the maritime atmosphere? Baltimore will make you feel at home at the National Aquarium. You could also spend a day tasting different seafood recipes you never had the pleasure of tasting before. Frederick town also provides you with a closeup of historical times of the nation. The Antietam ad Monocacy battlefield and the National Museum of Civil War are some places to check out. 

  • Lots of outdoor activities

An added perk of living in the city is that you’ll never get bored. There are tons of outdoor activities to keep you busy, from visiting the museums to easting out and enjoying the beautiful green sceneries of nature. 


Home to the US government, DC is a place that does not only offer amazing financial and fun opportunities for residents. It also promotes healthy living since the green parts and streets in the city are always kept clean. Few places in the US can offer this advantage.