Lawyers Need Digital Privacy

Lawyers Need Digital Privacy
Credit: August de Richelieu via Pexels

Privacy is vital for lawyers to maintain client confidentiality. If a lawyer had a data breach, it could undo years of professional reputation management, which would be bad for business. Because of their added need for discretion, Lawyers need a phone with reliable security features.

Security from the Ground Up

There’s a major difference between free apps with one or two security features and a hardened mobile solution built around security. The best encrypted phone you can find is one that’s trusted for the secure network infrastructure, software, and data privacy solutions they offer.

There is more to digital privacy than the “end-to-end encryption” free communication platforms offer, although that is a necessary component. In addition to the strongest encryption available, you need a system that stops hackers from bypassing safeguards on your phone through apps.

Then there’s the issue of third-party advertisers who make money selling the information they collect through their all for nothing policies accepted by users.

Secondary Security Features

Secure phones have fundamental barriers to keeping out intruders with a suite of secondary features, such as a notebook with an additional lock screen using a custom pin for two-factor authentication. But they also have a lot more going for them.

Features need to be responsive to specific security threats. For example, setting a message or picture to self-destruct lets the sender fine-tune the expiry. Content can be set to self-destruct within one to 99 minutes. This level of control gives lawyers confidence when sending sensitive materials.

The ability to create a duress password to wipe the phone’s contents automatically if the wrong password is entered too many times is a tamper-proof feature that lawyers may also want as an option.

No matter what happens, the sensitive information on your phone will always remain safe from remote hacks and even if the phone gets stolen or misplaced.

Easy to Use

Some encrypted phones are too complicated and time-consuming to use. Lawyers have extremely busy schedules, so they need a phone that is intuitively designed for ease of use and security. 

The most user-friendly platforms offer a simple yet elegant user interface with all the important phone features at your fingertips while providing the best security available. One-touch access to calling pictures, messages, and group chats lets them stay connected without wasting any time. 

Lawyers have demanding jobs that require the utmost security and privacy. They need phones to streamline their workflow, not slow them down.

Multiple Languages

Finally, secure phones should be simple for everyone to understand, which is impossible unless the platform lets you set up your phone in your choice of multiple languages. Look for a platform that is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, and more. 

Lawyers have legal and ethical duties to preserve client-attorney confidentiality. Using a phone with all the above features is the simplest way to enjoy modern cutting-edge technology while sidestepping any privacy risks, so you and your clients can rest easy.