Technology and Tourism: How Digital Platforms Impact Travel Industry

Technology and Tourism: How Digital Platforms Impact Travel Industry

With technological advancements increasing day by day in almost every sector, the tourism industry is not left behind at all. From completely changing the way people travel to explore new and interesting places for tourists, technology has played a significant part in enhancing this specific domain.

Since it is important to bring advancements to the tourism industry as it directly results in economic development, job openings and other entrepreneurial opportunities, the use of new and innovative technology have augmented the overall travel business.

Just like students often go to search bars to write looking for writers or ready to pay someone to write my essay and even successfully find and approach essay help online service UK to get their assignments done, the potential tourist also use the internet to arrange their travel plans and avail some of the best services. As per recent research, 74% of travellers use the internet as the medium to make their travel plans while 13% approach travel agencies to make the arrangement for them.

  • What destination will be the cheapest yet worth visiting?
  • What will be the roundtrip cost of travel?
  • How can you take prior knowledge of the destination you are going to visit?

Technology will help you cater all your similar concerns with its updated and efficient processes and tools. This article will help you find out how emerging technologies help in enhancing the tourism industry and make the travel plans successfully for tourists. Let us dig down further.

Mobile Technology

With smartphones taking over the position of the travel agent, restaurant locator, map, cash payments medium and what not, it has become extremely convenient for people to make their tasks simpler, efficient and time-saving.

Once tourists make their travel preparations, they get their travel details like flight status, timings, ticket information and boarding pass details on their smartphones. The tourists will have all the necessary information easily available and accessible all times in the palm of their hands. You don’t need to download any extra information as your application will provide you with all you need to know.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Are you afraid of losing your baggage and suitcases at airports or hotel room? Do you want your car to guide you with the location of your planned destination? Well, IoT, with the help of integrating sensors, will provide you with the platform where the devices can interact with each other and make your travel more interesting and hassle-free.

Since it is believed that IoT will be one of the major transformative factors of the tourism industry, it will enhance the customer experience and personalize overall tour considering your comfort and ease. With sensors integrating into your suitcases, you can easily track your belonging and will not be worried about baggage misplacement anymore.

Some of the modernized hotels also make the customer install the application through which they can control room temperature, thermostat or television remotely. Users can enjoy extremely relaxed and comfortable environment throughout their travel. IoT technology did not enhance the customer experience in the travel industry, it will overall revolutionize this field resulting in enhanced growth and expansion of this business.

Big Data

Since “big data” has become a common buzz word these days, it is contributing to the tourism industry in a  proficient manner. As the number of tourists increases day by day, so is the data associated with them. Travel agencies collect this huge amount of data and later use it to analyze tourist preferences and changing trends. Some of the customer insights that are used for future analysis are as follows:

  • What was the reason for the trip?
  • The amount spent by tourists on each visit?
  • The duration of the stay
  • Which destinations are most liked by customers?

Upon getting the statistics of such records, the business can work on their marketing campaigns and acquire a higher success rate when it comes to expanding their tourism business. They can even strategize their campaigns to increase their business efficiency and investment optimization of those campaigns.

Virtual Reality

How about experiencing the place you are going to visit before even getting there? Did you know that you even feel that place with the help of a headset and other accessories? Well, most of the travel agencies will help you do so.

Even without getting off your sofa, you can experience the most remote areas of the world or feel the highest peak of the mountain. Virtual or augmented reality has made it possible for the potential tourists and surely this technology has the complete potential to boost the travel business.

So, if you have any plans to make your travel or you are already doing so, make sure to make use of these technologies and you will not regret. The use of these innovations will not only enhance your travel experience, but it will also make your travel preparation extremely convenient and successful.