Making Creativity Your Source of Income

Making Creativity Your Source of Income

Every single person on this planet has a creative side. However, only a few discover it and put it to good use. The mentality of the crowd these days is such that people feel there is no scope for a good earning for artists. This according to me is far from true. If you direct your energies in the right direction you sure can make it big someday. Yes, beginnings for artists are always humble unless you have a godfather to provide you with a big platform. Increasing the scope of your work and Source of Income diversifying your art certainly ensures you earn a handsome remuneration.

But how does one do that? This question not only bothers the naive artists but also many veterans at some point in their careers.

Sell your art! Yes, you heard me right. How otherwise would you make a living? Have you heard of RedBubble or similar platforms; they have independent artists who design products and sell their work on RedBubble. Your artwork can be printed on a wide range of products like T-Shirts, Mobile Cases, Wall Art, Greeting Cards, Stationery, Home decor etc. Collaborating with such platforms is a good way to earn some passive income. Plus you don’t have to bother about procuring orders and shipping your art. Agreed, you won’t earn hefty in this business but some income is always welcome without much exertion from your end.

Paint the pavements, streets or walls; of course with the consent of the local authorities. A lot of artists get paid by the local bodies for beautifying the city. And if you bag one such contract you earn a great opportunity to showcase your talent and gain the appreciation of the people. We don’t see much of this in India however in foreign countries you do have artists who create 3D street arts. Try looking out for Joe Hill’s creations, especially the ones at Waterloo Station in London. The Zebra Crossings with a 3D effect on the streets of Hyderabad is just the beginning of this trend in India.

Choose a tourist spot to display your talent. I remember having visited some place in the north of India where I stumbled upon an artist. He drew a portrait of me which was surprisingly an awesome piece of work. So even though most people found him charging exorbitant they were found queuing up to make one for themselves. As long as you seek formal permission from the local authorities to set up your shop or maybe just a basic stall you are sorted.

Teach other budding artists. If regular income is what you are aiming at then this is the best solution for you. I remember attending a certification course by a stationery giant in glass painting. My mentor had collaborated with the stationery firm and would teach a batch of students glass painting using the stationery of the same firm. Not a bad idea at all. Summer vacations are a good time to indulge in such activities. Teaching in Schools is another great avenue for artists who believe in sharing their art skills. You, however, would be required to attain the right qualification to formally teach in a school.

Publish a book. Why not pen down your thoughts, methodologies and artistic ideas for a larger audience to read? I remember learning calligraphy just by reading a book on the topic. Though I could never master the art I got a glimpse of what it was and learnt the basics of it; all thanks to the author of that book. And if you are looking at an economical option, go for an E-book.

Write blogs. Blogging is the new thing in the market nowadays and it fetches you good remuneration. Write blogs on the topics of your interest, relating to your art, the nitty-gritty’s involved and your experiences thus far; people want to read about some good work and tips straight from the horse’s mouth. Even better if you could collaborate with a website that promotes creativity or sells artwork.

Arrange for exhibitions. This one is an expensive bet, however, if you manage to market well for your exhibition, you could recover your expenses astutely. Participating in exhibitions in commercial galleries is a good way to display your work. Such exhibitions attract a larger and genuine audience that actually appreciates art giving it the due respect it deserves.

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