7 Stylish Office Supplies To Invest In

Stylish Office Supplies

If you’re among the 157 million Americans that head to work every day, it’s likely that you spend most of your time in an office or cubicle. Since this is one of the most common places that you’ll be found, it’s important that you keep your space tidy and aesthetically pleasing.

That’s why you’ll need to invest in stylish office supplies that make your office stand out. Read on to learn about some of the awesome things that you can use to spruce up your workspace.

Interestingly Shaped Paper Clips

Remember when you were a kid and liked to play with paper clips? It was pretty fun for all of us to bend and twist them into unique shapes. Some of the best childhood memories are forged when fidgeting with paper clips under our desks while drowning out teachers and dreaming of real intricate paper clips.

Well, now your childhood dream can come true! You can get paper clips in the shapes of stars, triangles, leaves, cat heads, and even different US states. While you may not want to hand files out to your subordinates with these clips holding them together, they certainly make for a great way to organize the files you currently have strewn around your desk.

Multicolor File Folders

Speaking of file organization, you likely are always looking for file folders that make it easy to locate your print documents. Japanese file folders made from multicolored Washi paper are the perfect solution.

They use the bamboo pulp and vegetable oil ink to create durable and long-lasting paper. You can store all of your documents in these folders without worrying about them ripping. Plus, the wide variety of colors that these folders come in make long-term storage easy.

Patterned Notebooks

As a business person, jotting down notes on meetings and phone calls is likely an important part of your daily agenda. Why not do this in style? You can get patterned notebooks at pretty much any office supply store. Choose from checks, stripes, and polka dots if you want to go with something professional and traditional.

However, if you don’t mind expressing a bit of personal flair, you can get a notebook emblazoned with your initials. You can even get them custom-printed with your name on the cover. This will show people that you have a strong sense of identity (and will make sure that your notes don’t get mixed up with anyone else’s.)

Make sure that you get notepads in multiple colors. This will let you easily differentiate between which notebook performs each one of your daily functions so that you can stay organized.

Business Card Holders

If you’re looking for a place to keep your business cards so they don’t fly everywhere, you may be interested in a specialized business card holder. These are made from metal or plastic and make it possible for your cards to stand upright on your desk.

Have a meeting with an important client? Someone coming in to interview you about your business? You’ll have a nifty way to grab your card and give it to them. This makes people think you’re super organized and with it so that they contact you with the information on your card later.

Desktop Organizers

Desktop organizers come in lots of shapes and sizes. Some have little drawers that you can open and close (some of those even have locks). Others are just little shelves that you can keep different paper and items on including pens and other office supplies.

They all have some common denominators, though: you can use the shelves to separate different types of office items. You absolutely need to have one of these to keep all of your items out of the way while you work. After all, pens rolling around don’t lead to a focused and task-oriented work environment.

Mini Staplers

Regular-sized staplers are pretty great, but they take up more space than they need to. Mini versions get the job done and take up less room on your desk. This eliminates clutter and ensures that your space is as clean and organized as possible.

The lightweight design of these tools makes them ideal for moving around the office and lending out to coworkers. Recently, stronger varieties of mini staplers have also been emerging, which makes it easier for you to staple larger stacks of paper together.

The bottom line is that mini staplers lie at the intersection between style and function. Keep on the lookout for them!

The Right Mug

Finally, every business person needs the perfect mug to sit in their office. It’s practical (since you can drink coffee or tea any time) and it gives your space a more homelike aesthetic. This makes you more approachable and interesting to your subordinates and coworkers.

Make sure that you get a mug that showcases an aspect of your professional persona that people are sure to relate to. If you can’t start working without your cup of joe, for example, one of those ‘don’t bother me before I have my coffee’ mugs might do the trick.

Get Stylish Office Supplies ASAP

Now that you know some of the most stylish office supplies that you need to keep around your workspace, it’s time to learn more.

Check out the ‘business‘ tab on our home page to get more information on what you should do to spice up your office. We’ve got tips to help you become a more productive and happy employee, so what are you waiting for? Get started!

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