Maximizing Your Compensation: Tips and Tricks


Flight disruptions can cause a lot of problems and throw a wrench into your travel plans. The good news, however, is that European law protects your air passenger rights and ensures that airlines adequately compensate passengers. This article is intended to provide helpful tips on how to obtain fair compensation in the event of flight delays or cancellations.


Getting More for Your Money

If you have experienced flight disruption, you might be eligible for airline compensation.

Flight delays can be frustrating and inconvenient, disrupting travel plans and causing inconvenience to passengers. However, under EU Regulation 261/2004, travelers flying with LOT Polish Airlines (LOT) can be entitled to compensation if their flight is delayed for an extended period due to circumstances within the airline’s control. If LOT is unresponsive to your compensation claim or denies your request without valid reasons, consider seeking legal assistance. There are companies and organizations specializing in passenger rights that will help you get LOT compensation for delayed flight. They often work on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning you won’t incur any costs unless your claim is successful.

Some air carriers also offer compensation in the form of meal vouchers or hotel accommodations, which can help ease the inconvenience caused by flight delays or cancellations. Nevertheless, if the airline’s compensation is not satisfactory, you can negotiate and get a better deal.

Knowing Your Rights

Under EU law, passengers are entitled to compensation in case of flight disruptions due to the airline’s fault. However, passengers have to answer “yes” to all the following questions:

  • Was your flight delayed by more than three hours?
  • Did the airline’s fault cause the delay?
  • Was your flight from or within the EU or arrived in the EU and was operated by an EU airline?
  • Was your flight within the last six years?

If you answered positively to all the questions, you are likely owed compensation from your air carrier. The compensation amount varies depending on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay. If your flight is delayed for more than three hours:

  • The compensation is €250 for flights up to 1500 km;
  • The compensation is €400 for flights from 1500 km to 3500 km;
  • The compensation is €600 for flights that are longer than 3500 km;
  • However, for flights that took place entirely within the European Union, the maximum amount of compensation can only reach €400. 

If your flight is delayed for more than five hours, you can cancel your trip and receive a full refund.

Contacting the Airline

The first thing to do in the event of a flight disruption is to contact an air carrier and inform them about the situation. The airline should provide you with information on the cause of the delay or cancellation and let you know what compensation you are eligible for. You should also ask the airline for written confirmation of the delay or cancellation, as this can be used as evidence when filing a claim. 

If you have difficulty contacting the airline, you can ask the airport staff or air passenger rights organizations, such as the European Consumer Centre or the National Enforcement Body in your country.

Making a Strong Claim

If you want to file a Wizz Air compensation claim, for instance, you will have to provide evidence of the flight disruption and demonstrate how it has caused you inconvenience or financial loss. You should keep all receipts and documents related to the flight disruption, such as hotel bills or meal vouchers, as evidence of your expenses.

When making a claim, it is essential to include all relevant details, such as your flight number, the date of the flight, and the reason for the delay or cancellation. You should also include your contact information and any other information that might support your claim, such as photos, videos or witness statements.

Any flight delay for more than three hours enables you to claim up to £520 in compensation. The airline must be responsible for flight delay for a claim to be valid. You can click here to connect with a team of AirAdvisor, which helps passengers get claims hassle-free.

Making a Strong Claim

Negotiating for Better Compensation

If you feel that the airline’s response is not satisfactory, you can always negotiate for better compensation. You should do this in writing, providing reasons why you believe you deserve a higher amount or other perks. For example, you can ask for an upgrade, a hotel stay, or a voucher for a future flight.

If the airline refuses to provide you with better compensation, you can seek assistance from air passenger rights organizations or seek legal advice.

Conclusion Remarks

Flight disruptions can be a major inconvenience, but knowing your air passenger rights and how to maximize your compensation can help ease the stress caused afterward. Keep in mind that air carriers have a legal obligation to reimburse passengers in case of flight disruptions caused by the airline, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance if you feel that the compensation offered is not sufficient. 

By staying calm, polite, and persistent as well as following the tips outlined in this article, you can ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to, and in some cases, negotiate for a better deal. Remember to keep all relevant documents and evidence of the disruption.

Have you experienced flight delays or cancellations? Were you able to get fair compensation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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