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Khai Hadid Malik
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Khai Hadid Malik is a famous American-British celebrity child. She’s a popular personality hailing from New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA. A lot of you may know about Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s relationship. So, yes, Khai Hadid is the little loving daughter of the duo.

She has gained prominence mainly due to her celebrity parents. As it always happens, if you become a famous person, fans would want to know about your family members as well. So, that’s the reason why fans of Zayn and Gigi want to know about their little daughter as well.

There are not a lot of information that we can share about the little daughter of Zayn Malik. However, despite the scarcity of data, we have gathered some riveting info for you. If you want to know about Khai Hadid Malik, then it’s time to dig into this article. Here we will share everything that you want to know about Khai.

A Short Bio On Khai Hadid

Both Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have managed to gain international popularity. That’s the reason why they have a lot of fan following. Needless to say, the news of their baby daughter has made the fans curious. So, if you are also a fan of them and want to know about Khai Hadid’s life, then let’s take a look now.

According to the sources, the daughter of Zayn and Gigi was born in the year 2020, on 19th September. In other words, we can say that the Covid year wasn’t that bad for Zayn and Gigi as they welcomed their little one to this world. The birthplace of Khai is Pennsylvania, USA. As of now, she’s only around 1 year and a few months old.

It’s worth noting that Khai Hadid Malik’s mother Gigi Hadid before giving birth to her daughter flaunted her baby bump to her fans. Especially after that, the fans became quite curious and waited eagerly for the news.

According to the sources, Khai Hadid belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign and she’s a cute baby girl who belongs to British as well as American nationality. Needless to say, due to the photo of Gigi Hadid, Khai became one of the hot topics of discussion even before her birth.

Moreover, the sources tell us that Gigi first announced her being pregnant on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in 2020, April. It was on 22nd January 2021, that the duo revealed the name of their daughter.

It’s worth noting that Hadid has appeared on her father’s and mother’s Instagram profile quite often. However, it’s true that Zayn and Gigi haven’t revealed the face of their daughter yet.

Khai Hadid’s Family & Ethnicity

All of us know that Khai Hadid Malik’s parents are Gigi and Zayn Malik. The duo had a relationship together. However, they couldn’t continue with their relationship so eventually had to break up in October 2021.

Khai Hadid Malik is the first child of her mother Jelena Noura Hadid aka Gigi Hadid and her father Javadd Malik aka Zayn Malik. Her mother works as a supermodel whereas her father is a famous English singer and musician. As we mentioned earlier, her parents aren’t living together anymore. They broke up after Gigi’s mother Yolanda accused Javadd or Zayn of physical harassment.

As for Khai Hadid’s ethnicity, she is of multiracial ethnicity. It’s worth noting that she has no siblings, so she’s the only child of her parents. Zayn and Gigi began dating each other back in 2015 and continued till 2021.

A lot of people may not know but Khai’s grandfather Yaser Malik is an immigrant from Pakistan who settled in the UK several years ago. He tied knots with Trisha Brannan, Khali’s grandmother who’s English as well as Irish. Khai follows the Islam religion.

Some Popular Facts To Know About Khai Hadid Malik

Well, now that we know about her life, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Khai Hadid.

  • According to the media, Gigi, Khai’s mother shared a number of her baby bump pictures a month before giving birth to her baby. The pictures undoubtedly went viral on the internet. It’s also worth noting that she has more than 70 million followers on her IG handle.
  • Khai Hadid Malik’s dad Zayn Malik’s 3d studio album ‘Nobody Is Listening To Dedicated Khai Malik’ has Khai’s name on it. It was Zayn himself who shared this piece of information in one of the episodes of The Zach Song show podcast.
  • Did you know that Marielle and Alana are the names of Khai’s mother’s stepsisters from her father’s side?
  • It’s worth noting that Khai’s parents haven’t revealed her face yet. It’s probable that they wish for her to grow up as a normal girl without any media prominence.
  • A lot of people may not know but Khai is a descent from Daher Al Omer, the Prince of Nazareth and Sheik of Galilee via her Grandfather.