Team America: World Police on HBO Max and More Movies Like It

Team America: World Police on HBO Max

Here is a spot of bad news, You cannot watch Team America: World Police on HBO Max. However, there are a variety of streaming platforms where you might try your luck. Now the movie is really good and well-made. Some of the best actors of the time had a role to play.. For example, you will find Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the pivotal roles. Even the story of the movie is pretty nice. It concerns a famous actor named Gary Johnston who is recruited into the counter terrorism agency Team America. He is then sent to infiltrate a terrorism cell in Cairo, but disaster ensues on his very first assignment. You will love the movie. Here is a list of more movies like this. 

The Mask

Now here is a pretty fun movie from 1994 that is right up your alley. If you love Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz as a pair, you will find The Mask incredible to say the least. It tells the tale of Stanley Ipkiss, a regular man by all means who discovers a Nordic mask that gives him superpowers. A magnificent movie. Now, the scenes are hilarious, to say the least. We know many fans all over the world loved the movie. And we heartily recommend it to you. Just keep a day aside for the movie. And watch it with your friends and family if you wish. 

Yes Man

Another classic with Jim Carrey in it. We tell you, everything this man touches turns to solid gold immediately. This time, he is a man in a rather peculiar situation. As a down on his luck bank loan manager called Carl, Jim must say yes to everything or suffer consequences. Now, this movie is good. You certainly need to watch it as soon as you can. Because we certainly loved the quirky humour!

Dumb and Dumber To

We tell you, Jim Carrey is in every comedy flick worth its salt. Well, you may not know, but the first Dumb and Dumber was an instant hit with people all over the world. Let us tell you that this one is almost similar. We have the two bumbling, dim-witted adults, Lloyd and Harry, on a cross country trek to locate Harry’s daughter. You will be laughing all along the way with this one. Yes, it is that hilarious, to say the least. 

The Wedding Singer

Now here is something to warm your heart immediately. An American romantic movie means good things, and we guarantee The Wedding Singer is no different. You will love it to bits. The story is that of the titular wedding singer in 1985 who falls in love with a waitress. What happens next? You will have to watch the movie to find out. It is pretty sweet and poignant at the same time. And you will definitely have a nice time watching the movie with friends and family. 


You will love Superbad. Now, here is a movie from the weekend. Two teenagers want to lose their virginity. That, too, before high school ends. It is a pretty sticky situation. What’s there not to like about it eh? So go on, grab your seat and wait for the movie to finish rolling credits. While you’re at it, take a look at the cast of the movie. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. This doesn’t get any better than this and you know it. Superbad will make you feel warm and tingly at the same time. Go ahead and watch it. 

21 Jump Street

We all love buddy cop action movies, isn’t it? And 21 Jump Street is no different certainly. Now this is a really good movie. The story is about a new drug that is simply flooring students everywhere. It is a pretty bad situation. And the authorities need to crack the case soon. Because the rod of public opinion is going to come crashing down on their heads soon. So what is the best option? The police send two officers to relive high school once again. What best way to catch a drug supplier than to seek the drug itself?

Jackass Forever

Oh look! Another one of those Jackass movies with a hilarious scene! If you have seen the previous Jackass parts, you will love this one. Jackass Forever has a giant painted monster chasing people all around a familiar city. Now the monster looks like a kaiju. Don’t let yourself be fooled, though. It is not one of the grand looking Japanese giants. This, in fact, is a monstrous penis painted green. Sounds hilarious? Wait till you actually watch the movie. The end of the movie is awfully hilarious. Would you believe it? A snapping turtle bites it. 

Step Brothers

Do you like movies about step siblings a lot? Well, I guess it is indeed a popular subgenre of the cinema industry. Brennan and Dale become step-siblings when they are middle aged. Middle-aged, do you get it? Now, this shows that they are way beyond the age when step siblings may adjust to each other. But not them. Their father gives them a pretty solid ultimatum. Either find a job within a month or be kicked out of the house. Sounds hilarious yet? Just wait till you start watching the movie and discover what a surprising amount of heart it has. 

The Other Guys

Here is a question for you. How much do you love buddy cop action flicks? A lot? More than a lot? Then you have come to the right place. The Other Guys is a buddy cop flick from the year 2010. You will definitely love it to bits. Now, the movie is about two bumbling detectives who detect a pretty large insurance fraud. You guessed it. People soon discover them and now our heroes are on the run from some of the worst people in NY. Sounds like fun? Don’t believe the reviews. Go ahead and watch it for yourself. 

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

South Park is one of those sitcoms which only get better with each passing episode. Now, this means you should definitely binge watch the rest. But this one movie takes the cake from all possible angles. Plenty of fun is guaranteed in the runtime. It is about a very funny situation where the United States declares war on Canada. Ask yourselves, is such a situation ever possible? The answer is a very obvious No. Nonetheless, you need to watch the movie to believe it. The makers promise us chaos and fun. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Here is a fabulous movie for you. Remember Jim Carrey? The master of goofy comedies and slapstick cinema? Now, here is another masterpiece from me. It will definitely make you cry with its beautiful plot. Joel and Clementine have a nasty breakup following a quarrel. Both decide to get their memories of their relationship permanently erased. But as you know, such procedures don’t usually work and love always finds a way. This is precisely the case here. Love does find a way. And we invite you to watch the rest to find out how. 

Blue Valentine

Ending this list, or topping it, is Blue Valentine. Yet another feel-good movie from 2010 when things were warm and sunny. People had a positive outlook on life back then before the pandemic ruined it for us. Now, Blue Valentine stars fan favourites Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The narrative shifts back and forth in time, talking about a couple and the dissolution of their marriage. You will definitely love it a lot. The characters are pretty relatable. Just make sure you sit down to watch it with a box of tissues ready. 

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