What Are The Different Styles Of Wearing Hijabs?

Wearing Hijabs

What do you mean by the term hijab?

Hijabs are the clothing items that are worn by the Muslim and Islamic women to cover their heads. Hijabs are a piece of cloth that mule women wear to give and show respect towards their culture. There are so many different types of hijabs that are worn by the women.

What is the purpose of wearing hijabs?

  • Hijabs are worn by women on their head to cover them in front of any male member other than their husbands.
  • These are the clothing items that women wear for their on privacy and security also. Hijabs are similar to Niqabs, Ombrey, and Jilbabs. People can do Jilbabs, Hijabs, and Niqab online shopping.
  • This is a type of clothing item that women wear during the time of prayers also.

Wearing Hijabs

Some of the different styles of wearing hijabs are mentioned below:

Pagdi style hijab: 

Pagdi style hijab

  • This is the most common style of wearing a hijab. Pagdi style hijabs are a little bit heavy in size.
  • Pagdi style hijabs are draped in layer form on the head of the women. This style of hijab is worn by women only on their heads.
  • Therefore, this is the best style of wearing hijab. There are so many different types of hijabs which can be easily draped into Pagdi style.

Layered Hijab:

Layered Hijab

  • This is one of the most common styles of wearing hijabs. Layered hijabs are the style in which layers are formed.
  • When the hijab is draped on the head and chest layers are formed. Due to the formation of layers, this style is known as layered style hijab.
  • This style will help out women to look beautiful. This is one of best style that will give the women’s an enchanting look.

Arabic style hijabs:

  • This is the style worn by the women of Saudi Arabia. This type of hijab is worn by women in a triangular form.
  • Wearing the hijab in Arabic style will enhance the beauty of the girl. The hijab is worn by women in such a manner that the triangular part comes on the chest of the women.
  • This is one of the most common styles of wearing hijab for parties.  

Modern style hijabs:

  • Nowadays, women wear hijabs in a circular form which looks beautiful on their face.
  • Wearing of hijab in circular form will make the hijab light in weight. 
  • This modern style of wearing hijab came from the Turkish women as because Turkish women wear circular form hijabs in parties nowadays.

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