Do You Wish To Know When Was Walking Discovered? Learn All The Riveting Facts

when was walking discovered

Are you a person whose curiosity knows no bounds? Well, then you have probably pondered upon the question of ‘when was walking discovered?’.

Walking is a course of action that each of us acquires naturally as we grow up. We have gone to the moon and have left our mark. Furthermore, we have also discovered walking robots. However, the question remains, when was walking discovered?

In other words, we have to know how the action of walking even comes about. So, if you wish to know how long we have been walking, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get all the facts about walking. 

Discovery Of when was walking discovered

“So, when was walking discovered?”, you may ask. Well, the researchers have found the earliest evidence of walking around 4 million years ago. The animals began to walk like we do today around four million years back. 

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that three million ago, people found footprints in Kenya. In fact, those footprints provided similar walking patterns to us humans. 

Since then, we have developed a lot of ways to walk. We have also found different usage of walking as well. Moreover, we have also provided terms for different types of walking. 

We, human beings walk with our two legs. However, it’s not the same for animals as we know the elementary knowledge. Not all animals have the privilege of walking using two legs. Instead, they have to rely on more legs. 

The Idea Of Mile

So, walking is the function that helped to form the idea of a mile. In this regard, we can say that the Romans decided 2000 steps were equal to one mile. On the other hand, circumstances developed long-distance walking as a competitive sport through the ages. In fact, soon enough it became the leading sport in America and Europe between the period of 1860 and 1903. 

Some Facts About Walking

So, now that we know about when was walking discovered, let’s explore some facts on walking itself. As per the sources, we know that Polly Letofsky was the first American woman who walked around the world in 2004. People regard it as the longest ever walk. 

Furthermore, it’s also true that people use walking as a way to raise money. There are a lot of sponsors who endorse on this for over 50 years now. For example, there’s the Three Day Walk for Breast Cancer. People held this even first in 1998.

How Was It Invented

Walking is the part and parcel of life irrespective of species. It cannot be an invention nor a discovery. Though the form of walking for humans has changed due to evolution and all, the main function is the same. Over the years we have also found new uses for walking. For example, there are competitive walking, casual walking, etc.