4 Reasons Why Parcel Drop Box is Better Than Mailbox

Parcel Drop Box
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A parcel drop box is a growing business, which relies on e-commerce customers to increase volume and profits. The coronavirus pandemic also brought on a substantial increase in global parcel volumes. According to a study by Pitney Bowes, 2020 witnessed about 131 billion parcels shipped globally.

So, whether you are changing homes or want to update your old mailbox, the market has several favorable options.

A secure delivery box should be a top deciding factor regardless of the different choices. Undeniably, parcel boxes are now highly advanced which support your online shopping. With a secure system in place it is safe to say people will feel more confident and comfortable to shop online frequently. 

What is a Parcel Drop Box?

It’s a big container that holds several delivery packages. Usually, people place it at the front door or anywhere convenient for the delivery executives to reach. For locking a delivery drop box, you can either use a key or digital keypad which provides reinforced security. Better still, some are also insulated to prolong the life of perishable goods like fresh meat or groceries.

Following are other names for the parcel drop boxes:

  • Lockable Package Box
  • Lockbox for Packages
  • Package Lock Box
  • Parcel Delivery Box
  • Parcel Lock Box
  • Porch Delivery Box

Now that we know the basics of what they are, what they can be called. Now, let us check out the advantages of installing a parcel drop box: 

  1. Convenient Shopping

Convenient Shopping
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You don’t have to stay at home on the days you are expecting a parcel box delivery. You also don’t need to plan your routine to align with the arrival of the delivery person. Neither do you have to keep staring at the window every time a car passes as you wait for your parcel.

The best part is you also won’t have to come home to find a note from the delivery company saying, “Sorry we missed you.” All of this also removes the need to visit the post office frequently to trace your missed deliveries.

Remarkably, a delivery box will be ready to accept your parcels anytime, every time and all in a safe and secure manner. You won’t have to worry about delivery delays because you will always get your package when you arrive home.

2. Parcel Theft Prevention

Due to the current online shopping demand, there’s been a rise in parcel theft as well. With many parcels for deliveries moving around, there have been thefts. The main reason has been packages being left unattended and not adequately covered in your alley. In such situations, dishonest people take advantage of the pandemic situations.

Even though you think you have a perfect hiding spot for your parcels, nothing is more secure than a parcel drop box. It provides utmost safety and durability always. So, when a thief wants to access it, they will need to break it, which will cause noise that will attract attention from neighbors. No thief wants to be caught and will avoid homes with parcel drop boxes.

Furthermore, a parcel drop box gives you peace of mind. So, you can even order expensive items that you once feared would be stolen during delivery. Now, they can safely stay in your delivery box till you receive them.

Parcel theft is not just painful when you don’t get your items. It can also lead to a living nightmare due to identity theft. But a parcel drop box will ensure that nobody gets your personal information for any malicious reasons; hence your identity is safe.

3. All-Weather Solutions

With the traditional parcel deliveries, people were often concerned about the weather. A clear day meant a peaceful and successful delivery. This was not the same for rainy days where you would miss or get soggy deliveries. The only consolation to a soggy delivery lying inside old boxes was the sight of it rather than not finding it.

Furthermore, the unpredictable state of the parcel was likely to soil when you leave them sitting longer in the rain or snow than you expected. Worse still, some content may be delicate and prone to quick damage. Besides, it could be a challenge to return some items due to the rain damage. 

A parcel drop box will prevent your parcels from weather damage like rain or snow. Well, even though they might catch a few drops en route, they will be much safer locked in the parcel box than outside on your porch.  

4. Keeping Delivered Perishables Fresh

Keeping Delivered Perishables Fresh
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Thanks to e-commerce, people can even shop for groceries online, and the number is rising because people have become more reliant on ecommerce due to lockdowns and restrictions.

A survey shows about 74% of online grocery customers have more food deliveries than pick-ups. A parcel drop box is better than leaving your fresh vegetables and meat sitting outside waiting for you. But still, an extended waiting period, even in the parcel box, can lead to the perishables spoiling.

Better yet, there are advanced parcel boxes. Such models have insulation inside that acts as cooler boxes to ensure your vegetables stay fresh. Even at that, you will need to be home early enough to get your products out for better storage or immediate use.

Other essential benefits of a parcel drop box include:

  • Privacy

Having your deliveries dropped behind the bins or at your doorstep when you are not allowed will attract nosy neighbors, especially if you receive frequent packages.

However, a parcel box will keep your life private. Nobody will have access to what you just received once the delivery guy comes and drops the package inside. Some packages are highly confidential, and need to be securely placed before you receive it.

So, when privacy is a significant concern to you, a parcel drop box is a great solution.

  • Contactless Delivery

Due to the strict social distancing measures, contactless delivery gained popularity. In this case, parcel drop boxes started trending. A delivery guy would drop the package in the box and leave without interacting with the recipient.

This way, it stops the spread of the virus for the safety of both the deliverer and the recipient.


Even though parcel drop boxes and mailboxes are similar in many ways, they have a few notable differences. A significant difference is that individuals usually own parcel lockers, while the state’s postal service runs the mailbox.

Also, mailboxes hold small items like magazines and letters, while parcel drop boxes can contain several packages. Both boxes have a lock and key access that is sturdy enough for better security.