All Kinds of CBD Packaging Solutions

CBD Packaging Solutions

The commercial success of plastic in CBD packaging is due to a combination of its versatility, from foils to rigid applications, as well as its strength, lightness, stability, barrier properties and ease of sterilization. These characteristics make plastic an ideal material for CBD packaging all kinds of commercial, industrial, medical and consumer products.

Plastic food packaging, for example, does not change the taste or quality of the product. In fact, the barrier properties of plastic ensure that food stays fresh for longer and maintains its natural flavor, while protecting it from outside contamination. In addition, thanks to its versatility, it is ideal for many applications, such as fresh meat CBD tincture boxes, beverage bottles, edible oils and sauces, yogurt containers and margarine tubs.

Advantages of Plastic Packaging

Here are some of the advantages that plastic containers offer:

The lightest CBD packaging material

Although more than 50% of products are packaged in plastic, it constitutes only 17% of the total weight of packages. Also, this percentage has dropped by 28% in the last 10 years! Light CBD packaging means less cargo and fewer trucks to transport products, helping to reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and lower shipping costs. The amount of waste generated is also reduced.

Conservation and preservation of food

Plastic containers hygienically protect and preserve perishable food. They help reduce waste and the use of preservatives, while maintaining the flavor and nutritional value of the product.

Comfortable and innovative

Today, society demands containers with clear identification and labeling, and easy to open and use. Plastic CBD packaging has evolved to achieve just this. They can even integrate printable RFID (radio frequency identification) chips made of conductive polymers to provide valuable information on product quality and condition.

Safe and hygienic

Plastic containers protect food and medicine from contamination, and help prevent germs from spreading during product manufacturing, distribution, and display. The hermetic closures offer an additional level of protection and security, while the transparent containers allow you to see the product without touching it, thus avoiding bumps and other damage.

Selling a quality product is not the difficult task, really turning it into something attractive and appropriate in the consumer’s eye is the real challenge. CBD packaging is the art of being able to give your product personality visually. CBD packaging is defined in these short words: the art and technology of building packaging. This is one of the most important parts that a company must consider when producing a product, and it is illogically one of the most ignored. A great product will only be “anything” if it has poor or non-identifiable packaging.

What Is Good Packaging

Good CBD packaging will depend on whether the consumer wants to try the product or, on the contrary, wants to run away and completely get away from it. This will also depend on whether your product is something lasting over time, where customers see your image and know what it is, or that it is forgotten in a matter of months. Can you imagine a bottle of Coca Cola with a different presentation? Victoria’s secret shopping without the typical pink grocery bag? Jack Daniels without the characteristic bottle? We do not imagine it because they are simply brands with an image established for years, but that is precisely why it is so important to define how we are going to present our product.

A Little History

Packaging has existed since time immemorial, but it wasn’t until 1966 that the term was finally given an exact definition, thanks to the creator of Tetra Pak, Ruben Rausing, who argued at the time that the key to CBD packaging success is establishing a connection with the buyer and that also transmits a very practical concept, that makes him feel that he is saving, because even if it is a very nice packaging, when you see the price of it, you feel like taking it because you will believe that you are taking advantage of a great price offer. In this way, CBD packaging is defined as the art, science and technology of inclusion or protection of products in order to distribute, store, sell and then use them.

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