Why Was Cat Crazy In Victorious? Explained by @ ApzoMedia

Why Was Cat Crazy In Victorious

Nickelodeon has always been dropping series after series that became famous for many things. Be it the adorable cast, or the believable and inspiring storyline. Nickelodeon has never once saddened the viewers. One of them is Victorious and the topic why was Cat crazy in Victorious?. The series won hearts due to the catchy plot and engaging cast. 

Why Was Cat Crazy In Victorious

However, there was only one person that made it all worthwhile for the teenagers. That was Cat. The popular show aired on the sitcom throughout the 2010s. However, there is one thing that many still haven’t found the answer to. That is, why was Cat crazy in Victorious? If that is what you are trying to find out as well, let us take you on a ride full of fun and thrill. 

Let’s Focus More On Our Precious Cat:

Cat Valentine was the most funniest and animated character in the show Victorious. Sometimes the specific character got so animated that it confused the viewers greatly. One could not discern whether she was coming or going. 

The cat became famous in the series because of her drawn personality. It was almost erratic yet active. But why did she appear so? What was so special about her that drew the viewers towards them? Cat, like any other empathetic person, had a very big heart. She was lenient and gracious. 

So then, why was Cat crazy in Victorious? Arguably, she was the most caring person in the show, Victorious.  But, on the other hand, she could become the opposite of what we just described now. She gets distracted very easily. Moreover, from time to time she even acted as a dim-wit person. She was the foil to herself. 

On the contrary, it was Jade whom most viewers feared, and to some extent hated as well. The character draw was very strong. We know from the series that Cat’s brother suffered from mental health issues. Moreover, her parents were not the most caring and loving guardians. 

This background explains her erratic behavior. Although there is another reason that could justify her personality. That is, maybe she was bipolar. Though the belief is arguable. But many have noticed that she shows traits related to bipolar disorder. 

For example, inflated self-esteem, being a chatter-box than usual, moreover, her racing thoughts are a big giveaway. Another debated idea is that she might be autistic. Or just abused by her unhinged brother. The reasons behind the question why was Cat crazy in Victorious? are too many in number and too dark. 

Who Played The Role Of Cat In The Nickelodeon Show Victorious?

Ariana Grande played the character of Cat in Victorious. She rose to fame due to her screen time on the sitcom show. However, coherently she went on ahead to become a famous pop singer worldwide. After the show ended in 2013, she starred in a spin-off show with iCarly star Jenette McCurdy. The show, named Sam and Cat ended just after one season in 2014. 

Why Did The Authority Cancel Victorious?

Victorious was about the rise of a singer. Many teenagers enjoyed her journey with her friends and how she navigated life in Hollywood. However, they canceled the show. The canceled Victorious before season four of the series could begin filming. 

Nickelodeon, however, decided to divide the third season in half so that the show can run for four seasons. Although many believe that it was because of the spin-off show that they canceled Victorious. However, the show’s creator, Dan Schneider, came to dismiss the rumors. He claimed that the show ran its due course. Hence it finally has come to an end. 

Ending note:

Victorious was a series that gave teenagers the courage to dream big. Although similar to Hannah Montana, Victorious has more to offer, from dark comedy to peppy tones.

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