Why Silver Is Better Than Gold when it comes to jewelry – 10 Reasons

Silver vs. Gold

For centuries it has always been believed that Gold is better than silver. Be it sports events or jewelry marts, Gold has always managed to secure first place.

But the real question is, have we underrated silver compared to Gold? Is silver actually that insignificant?

Let’s dig out answers and facts!

What Are Gold And Silver?

Gold and silver are precious metals. This preciousness comes from the fact that these metals are rare to find, economically higher valued, and have a significant role in designing history.

Therefore, it would be a bit hard to disown something that has been believed and cherished for a long time.

Before starting with listing out why silver is better than Gold, let us make it clear that we aim to give silver its right status and not demean Gold in any way.

10 Reasons Why Silver Is Better Than Gold

The best thing about silver is its malleability and ability to adapt to any form. Silver ornaments look incredibly gorgeous with any type of skin color. 

It perfectly mingles with your casual outfits as well as working blazers. 

Of course, it is important to choose the sobriety of these silver ornaments according to your theme, outfit, or event.

1. Affordable


Silver has always been more affordable than Gold. It is always used as an alternative to Gold and is comparatively affordable when it comes to pricing.

It’s better because, despite affordability, it adds similar style and elegance to your regular everyday life. 

You can wear affordable yet luxuriously rich jewelry to all types of events, from royal weddings to parties and from college wear to an office outfit.

2. Good Returns On Investment

Silver is better to invest in as compared to Gold. Due to its limited supply, rise in prices on a regular basis, and a growing demand from industries all across the globe make, it a perfect alternative for investment. 

3. Good Malleability And Ductility

As discussed earlier, silver is highly malleable and ductile and comes in a variety of designs that can blend both modern and traditional customs and traditions with an adaptation from heavy antique jewelry to modern contemporary jewelry that can be paired with your everyday looks. 

4. Best For Styling 

Best For Styling 

Silver jewelry can be an excellent addition to enhance your style statement and overall appearance. It effectively and instantly enhances your outfit and gives an outwitting style to your posture. Stunning silver jewelry will always perform the best compared to traditional gold jewelry. 

5. Lightweight And Easy To Handle

Lightweight And Easy To Handle

Silver jewelry is extremely lightweight in comparison to Gold. It can be worn for a more extended time without even feeling heavy or overly dressed. Plus, it looks exceptionally royal and sophisticated at the same time.

It doesn’t glitter too much like Gold and does not cause much restlessness like heavy gold jewelry.

Plus, if you are wearing heavy earrings like Jhumkas, your ear lobes might get cut. Whereas silver Jhumkas won’t do much harm to your ear lobes due to them being lightweight.

6. Durability

Silver, as a metal and when used as an ornament, is astonishingly durable and strong. It is flexible and rigid to damage metal. 

Gold is softer and prone to quickly bent and modified despite being heavy.

Silver jewelry in any form is always flexible to use and also looks gorgeous.

7. Compatible With Any Skin Tone

Compatible With Any Skin Tone

Silver has a neutral tone and is well-complemented with any skin tone. Gold jewlery usually impacts the skin undertone. However, you don’t even need to bother about your skin tone and whether the ornament is brightening you or not with silver, especially sterling silver. 

It gets easily blended with your everyday look or even your heavy ethnic looks; both ways you will slay the party with your ravishing looks. You can also mix-match with Gold to create a dual-toned look. 

8. Can Be Partnered With Anything

Can Be Partnered With Anything

Silver jewelry and molds are best blended with anything, be it gemstones, diamonds, Gold, platinum, or any other form of jewelry.

It has a neutral shade that helps it partner with any stone, including diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls, and more. 

They look outstanding when embedded with birthstones and healing stones in general.

9. Good For Health 

Silver is a healthier option than Gold. It helps in blood circulation and heat regulation. Its properties also offset electrical imbalances, thus helping in regulating body temperature.

When you wear silver jewelry, it makes the blood vessels more elastic and activates more effective blood flow. 

Again, its neutral shade has a positive and healing effect on your mental and physical health.

Take note; metals too help heal your health, just like food and workouts.

10. Lesser Loss Probability 

Silver being more affordable than Gold will impact lesser as compared to Gold in case of any loss or theft of your jewelry.

If any situation arises where your jewelry might get stolen, the loss you will face will be lesser than if that metal was Gold. 


Silver vs. Gold is an age-old argument, but Gold somehow managed to dominate the market until now.

What’s notable is the way how silver has maintained its position as the second most precious metal in the world.

With time and innovations in the industry, silver is now slowly attracting consumers’ attention, even in jewelry design. In fact, there are a number of jewelry items designed especially keeping silver in mind. 

The prospects for silver seem good in the future, and as seen in this article, we also know why silver is better than Gold.

So, what’s your take? Can you share some more reasons for silver being better than Gold? Share your thoughts!

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