Is the Best Car Amplifier Best for You?

Kicker Car Subwoofer

Buying car speakers, even if you choose to have a professional do the installation, can be daunting. From choosing between 150 watts and 500 watts to deciding on car stereos, every decision seems difficult. Getting a full sound system that will work the best in your vehicle can seem like a tall order, especially when you’re trying to save some money by ordering online. However, looking at the basics of car amplifiers can help avoid the typical foibles.

Benefits of a New Amplifier

Even if you like softer music, the Best Car Amplifier will add quality to the sound of your car audio system. This is because a good amplifier will help give a “clean” power source that helps your system operate speakers without strain. If you want to power a subwoofer, the separate power source of an amp is necessary. Further, upgraded speakers may need a better power source for peak performance. Without the amplifier, you may not be getting the full quality of your investment.

Helpful Tools

Most often, amplifiers won’t include the wiring that is needed to connect them with a stereo system. However, there are plenty of wiring kits on the market that has everything every DIY-er needs, designed and marketed for even the least experienced installer. The kits help send the signal and power necessary to power an amp. Speaker wires are not always included in these kits. They are important in sending the signal from the new amp to the pair of speakers already in the vehicle.

Extra hardware, such as battery terminals and fuses, may also be necessary. Additionally, a capacitor can be used to store power that is sent to the amp when it needs extra power. Be sure to check the needs of the best car amplifier you decide on before starting the installation project.


When buying a new amplifier, it makes sense to buy an amp that is more powerful than what you think you will need. This may sound like a waste of money, but it is far less likely that speakers will be blown out due to too much power. Nearly all speakers that wind up blowing out have too little power. When a higher power amp is purchased, the gains can be kept at the right setting for the speakers but they cannot be controlled to help an amp without enough power.

Quick Tips

If you are just starting out in this type of installation, it pays to stay simple. You can always tinker around with the rules later on but your first few car amps can go terribly wrong if the instructions aren’t carefully followed. Find an amp that matches the power handling of the speakers and woofers you have in your vehicle. If you want to get fancy later, modifications can always be added, just as you are currently adding a modification.

AB and Damps also confuse people. The main confusion is irrelevance. While the difference between the two mattered a lot just a decade ago, there is an insignificant difference in modern day amps. Back in the day, AB amps had cleaner and warmer sounds while D amps were more efficient in regards to power outputs. Today, there is hardly a distinction so it isn’t worth getting hung up on. Also, always make sure the amp you purchase is compliant with CEA standards to ensure the power rating is as accurate as possible. This will help avoid blowing out speakers or other basic mistakes.

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