5 Tips to Take Care of Your Silk Sheets

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Silk Sheets

Silk is one of the most beautiful fabrics to sleep on, but the delicate fibers make silk sheets difficult to maintain. In order to protect your sheets and elongate their lifespan, here are 5 tips that will help you take care of your silk sheets. 

Here is the 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Silk Sheets

1. Wash on Gentle 

One of the best tips for taking care of your silk sheets is to wash them on gentle. If you have the time, hand washing your silk sheets can be the most effective washing technique. Hand washing the silk sheets will ensure that they are both cleaned and gently treated. 

For those without time for handwashing, you can also wash your silk sheets in the washer. For machine washes, make sure that you use the gentle cycle and do not use water warmer than 30 degrees. 

Additionally, it is important to wash your sheets regularly. Whether you opt for a handwash or machine wash, you should wash your silk sheets once a week. You should also opt for a second rinse at the end of the cycle so that all chemicals, coating, and detergents are removed from the sheets.  

2. Use Silk-Safe Detergents 

Whenever you wash your sheets, it is important to use silk-safe detergent. Always use non-biological detergents that are free of bleach, stain removers, and optical brighteners. If you can, it is best to use detergents that are specifically formulated for silk fabric. 

If you see that your silk sheets have a stain, do not use stain removers. Instead, pour a little bit of your silk-safe detergent on the stain, and allow the detergent to soak into the sheets while they sit in cold water. 

3. Skip Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets

Additionally, you should avoid using any fabric softener on your silk sheets. Fabric softeners work by coating the fabric. While this is great for sturdy fabrics, the coating breaks down the delicate fibers of the silk. 

The same goes for dryer sheets: avoid them. Dryer sheets attract lint, which causes the interior of the dryer to have an abrasive surface. This abrasive surface will break down the silk fibers over time. 

4. Air Dry 

Another way to take care of your silk sheets is to opt for air-drying methods, as opposed to a machine dryer. The reason that you will want to air dry your silk sheets is that they will be exposed to less abrasion and high-temperatures, which will protect the delicate fibers and elongate the life of your silk sheets. 

If you do not have a place to air dry your sheets, that is okay too. Silk sheets can be machine dried. For machine drying, make sure that the machine is set to a gentle setting with lower temperatures. 

5. Avoid Using Greasy and Tinted Body Products 

A lot of people fail to realize that the creams, lotions, bronzers, and sunscreens that they put on their bodies rub off onto their sheets while they sleep. If you have silk sheets, you will want to make sure that the products you use won’t destroy the sheets. 

You can either wash off all your products before going to bed, or you can opt for gentle products that are less likely to destroy the fabric fibers. Either way, avoid sleeping in greasy or tinted products. 

Final Thoughts

Silk sheets are difficult to take care of, but they are worth it. In order to take care of your sheets, you should wash on gentle, use silk-safe detergents, skip fabric softener and dryer sheets, air dry, and avoid using greasy and tinted body products. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit Sleepstandards.com for more tips and silk sheet recommendations.