An Elaborate Guide to Possum Removal and Trapping

Possum removal and trapping

Possums are a breed of the marsupial animals. This means that possums carry their babies in a pouch in their body, much like the kangaroos. Possums are long-tailed with pokey noses with brown, white, grey fur with a weight of around thirteen pounds. Possums are of sixty different varieties and are commonly referred to as opossums.

A common variety of possums is the Virginia possums. Possums are inhabited in a burrow in the day and remain absolutely awake during the night when they search for food. They usually feed on leftover, both of animals or humans. Possums also feed on garbage, berries, bugs as well as animals of smaller size. Finally, possums reproduce two times a year.

Possums can at times be a menace. Their infestations are characterized by their digging into the home trash or pet food or gardens and even compost heaps in the gardens. Possums can be especially troublesome digging in the household gardens searching for the grubs and other insects for food. This calls for Possum removal and trapping round rock.

How to Detect Possum Infestation?

  • Possums usually like those places which have easy access to food and water and serve easy haven. Their usual abodes of refuge can range from dark attic to woodsheds to storage sheds, outbuildings, etc.
  • Secondly, if you hear a growl or hiss in the dark, know that it is a possum hissing or growling at an attacker.
  • Thirdly, if you are getting an absolutely disgusting smell, rest assured it is a possum. Possums, when scared; secrete a green-coloured fluid from its anus which produces that horrible smell.
  • Fourthly, possums avoid interaction with either humans or other animals. When a predator or a human approaches a possum, the possum out of the dread of interactions, pretends to be dead.

In this case, their bodies become limp, heart-beats drop and tongue hang out. They can “play dead” for a minute to two hours and spring back to life as soon as the human or the predator has left.

Removing Possums

These animals can are not just a menace to your household, but also carriers of leptospirosis disease and hence it is advisable to remove them from the house and its surroundings. Leptospirosis is usually spread through the excreta of possums. Their excreta can because of many other diseases.

To gain a hold over their nuisance, it is necessary to remove or trap these little animals. You could use repellents, traps, and other means to remove them. Another means to prevent their entrée, is to create electric fencing.


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