Blackhead Removal: What Is Blackhead and How You Can Remove It?


Blackhead removal has become a prime concern among people these days. We know that blackheads interfere with our looks and make us concerned highly. Therefore, we look for ways to do away with these spots that interfere with our beauty. However, there is yet another concern here. What should be the way of removal? In some cases, someone might ask you to dig them out. But remember, this process will traumatize your skin. This might leave deep scars on our faces. 

Therefore, it is better to choose a middle path and the best persons to guide us in this regard is an expert. Experts suggest against digging them out. You can go to YouTube and refer to the Dr Pimple Popper blackhead removal videos. However, there are some ways that the experts suggest to remove blackheads without damaging your skin. Read this article to know about these ways. 

What Is A Blackhead?

What Is A Blackhead?

Before knowing about the ways to remove blackheads or even before watching the blackhead removal videos, it is better to know how a blackhead is formed. In this regard, Deanne Mraz Robinson,  a dermatologist in Westport, is there to guide us. According to her, at times Sebum clogs the openings of our skin pores. As a result, this leads to the collection of dead cells and oils in those pores. Now, as these are exposed to air, the oxidation process sets in and the places turn black. This is how a blackhead is born. 

Speaking about blackheads, dermatologist  Laurel Geraghty suggests that without removal, these blackheads can stay on your skin for months. Therefore, there are some ways that you can follow to help remove the blackheads effectively. 

The Measures To Follow

If you have watched the giant blackhead removal Dr Pimple Popper videos on YouTube, you might think that removing blackheads always need medical care. However, contrary to this belief, there are some practices which experts recommend. Including these practices in your skin-care routine will help you battle blackheads effectively. These are:

Using A Gentle Cleanser

Cleansers are very essential things before beginning an extracting process for blackheads. However, avoid using cleansers that are tough on your skin. Dr Robinson suggests that the tough cleansers will de-moisturise the skin and will produce more Sebum. She suggests using a cleanser that contains glycolic acid. These help in clearing the pores in a gentle manner, at the same time, retaining the skin moisture. 

Steam Treat Your Face 

Before you start the extraction process, it is necessary to make the clogged pores lose and the trapped elements soft. This can be done effectively by steam treating your face, using a face steamer. 

Steam Treat Your Face

Refrain From Using Nails

Dermatologist  Laurel Geraghty strongly suggests that you should not use your nails while squeezing the backheads using your hands. Using nails might cause permanent scars on your face which will never go away. Therefore, the rule is to be gentle. While squeezing, you should keep your nails away from the blackheads and be gentle to squeeze the things out. 

Use An Extractor

It is always better to use a blackhead remover or extractor to remove blackheads from your skin. You should place the curved ends of the tweezer on the two sides of the blackhead and then gently press on each side of the pore till the clogged material gets extracted. 


Dr Robinson suggests that you should go for exfoliation using acids. The preferred acid is salicylic. This acid goes deep inside your skin and loosens up the sebum to release the pores. 

Using A Pore Strip

Another safe way to remove blackheads is to use pore strips. A strip is like a band-aid that pulls out the upper layers of blackheads from your skin. However, they are not effective for deep cleansing. 

Using Moisturizers

It is always better to keep your skin properly moisturised. This can be done effectively by applying moisturizers with squalane oil. 

Blackhead Removal:
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Using Vitamin C

Using Vitamin C is a great option to help you clear the blackheads. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and prevents the oxidation of trapped oil in skin pores. Thus, it helps in preventing blackheads.

Consult A Professional

This is the best option for fighting effectively with blackheads. A dermatologist or a trained aesthetician will be the best person to help you emerge victorious against the blackheads. 


1. How to remove the blackhead?

If you wish to remove blackheads, follow the instructions in this article.

2. How to remove a blackhead that won’t come out?

The key is to be gentle. Try the steps mentioned in the article. If you are unable to remove it, then visit a professional to help you out.

3. How to use the blackhead remover tool?

To use a blackhead remover tool effectively, you should place the curved ends of the tweezer on the two sides of the blackhead and then gently press on each side of the pore till the clogged material gets extracted. 

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