Chinese New Year 2022- Cultures And Traditions

Chinese New Year 2022

People celebrated the Chinese new year 2022 on February 1st. Following the Chinese zodiac, which has a 12-year cycle each year and is symbolized by a certain animal, it is the Tiger Year. In China, Chinese New Year is a holiday to be spent at home with family, drinking, and sharing a large dinner, similar to Christmas in Western nations.

Chinese New Year 2022

The biggest event in China, Chinese New Year, is often referred to as the festival season. People celebrate the Lunar Year over seven days. The traditional CNY celebration, which can last up to two weeks and is the most vibrant yearly event, peaks around Lunar New Year’s Eve. During this time, China is recognizable by red lights, loud fireworks, sizable banquets, and grand parades. The festival even sparks jubilant celebrations around the world. 

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When does the Chinese new year 2022 fall?

The Chinese New Year never has a set date, unlike the global New Year celebrated on January 1. Depending on the Chinese lunar calendar, the dates might vary, although they often fall between January 21 and February 20 of the Gregorian calendar.

When does the Chinese new year 2022 festival end? 

In China, the majority of individuals have a minimum of seven days off from work. This includes three legal holidays in addition to the previous and following weekends.

How is the Chinese new year 2022 observed in China? 

The Lunar New Year will soon be here, and all the people will decorate the roads and streets with bright red lanterns and other beautiful lights. After a busy month-and-a-half of Christmas shopping and spring cleaning. In the house, the festivities begin on New Year’s Eve and last for 15 days till the full moon and the Lantern Festival. Let’s examine the main customs and behaviors associated with Chinese New Year by scrolling down.

  • Decorations and customs

Whether in a metropolitan apartment or even a country villa, all family members must devote all of their energies to cleaning the house thoroughly during the Chinese new year 2022. Sweeping, mopping, wiping, and cleaning. Sometimes the entire family needs to pitch in with the tasks to ensure that the house is free of the dust of the previous year and ready to receive the blessing of the New Year. Then each home is decked out in the most popular hue, with bright red lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, and red window paper cuts. 

  • Giving Red Envelopes 

Seniors would present luck money packaged in red packets to newborns and teens to ward off evil spirits. The elderly wrap CNY 100 to 600 notes in a red envelope to give to children. Although larger ones containing up to CNY 5,000 are available, particularly in the wealthy southeast provinces.

  • Setting off Fireworks for a Fireworks Display 

The TV gala has a New Year’s bell at midnight, but people can’t even hear it because there are loud bursts of firecrackers between 12:00 and 1:00 and even afterwards. Chinese people have long used firecrackers to frighten away the fabled monster Nina, who appears at midnight. To avoid accidents and hazards to air quality. Several metropolitan areas have implemented a firework ban or designated a special location or period for pyrotechnics in recent years.

  • Reunion Dinner

New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner The primary theme of the festival season is home. All Chinese people manage to return home by New Year’s Eve, at the latest, for a family reunion dinner. Every year, a boiled or roasted whole fish will be the main dish of all Chinese dishes for a reunion dinner, indicating a surplus. 

Chinese lunar new year 2022: China welcomes

Dishes have auspicious meanings and consist of various types of meat, vegetables, and seafood. Northerners rely on dumplings, while Southerners rely on rice cakes. People spend the evening savoring the feast with lively family conversation and laughter.

It is customarily a time to gather the family and share gratitude, including all loved ones. During this Chinese New Year, every family emphasizes the importance of family and home togetherness. Throughout the spring festive season in Chinese culture, family is extremely important.

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