Niki Bella and her ex-Husband John Cena, Know the Details

Know the Details of Niki Bella and her ex-Husband John Cena
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Do you know who Niki Bella is? She is the ex-wife of John Cena. Cena proposed to Niki Bella at the ring of WrestleMania 33 on Sunday night. Then he became Niki Bella husband second. Not many details are available about Niki Bella but she is also a former professional wrestler in the WWE. Bella is now thirty-eight years old and she is living in San Diego, California, United States. Now she is living with her partner Artem Chigvintsev. Now she is concentrating on her mother as she gave birth to a son. Here you can find all the details of Niki Bella and Niki Bella Husband John Cena. 

She was married to John Cena for three years 

Niki Bella has starred in two reality shows. That is why many people came to know about her love life with Niki Bella’s husband John Cena. For instance, her relationship with John Cena was a hit. Many people thought that they are mates for life. She was twenty years old when she married him. They were high school sweethearts too. But they separated after three years. 

Niki is an amateur poet 

Niki Bella is well known for her job as a wrestler but do you know that she is also a great poet. She expressed herself very well in words. This is one of her talents. 

Niki is short for her career 

Niki Bella is known for her career in WWE. There are many tall wrestlers in the game like Andre the Giant, Braun Strowman, Big Show and a lot more. But Niki is an average-sized individual and she is powerful in the ring. Her height is 5 foot 6 inches tall. 

She is the top female wrestler

Niki Bella is named the best wrestler in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated an independent magazine. Now after retiring from wrestling she still enjoys many fans. 

Niki Bella husband started wrestling to combat wrestling

John Cena Niki Bella husband is a muscular guy.  He is famous for his physique. When appearing in a show Cena shared that he was a skinny guy at first. He experienced teasing for his choice of clothes. But by the time he was fifteen he asked for a weightlifting bench. Then he tried hard to get his body right now. 

John Cena loves sports cars 

John Cena has a collection of over twenty sports cars. Many custom-made cars like Corvettes, Chevrolets, and a Lamborghini. He says that he just doesn’t buy them but everything has a story behind it. 

He has written many children’s book 

John Cena has only one message for the kids. He wrote children’s books to encourage and entertain children. He wants them to be true to themselves and shares that it is okay to be different. Also, he made a monster truck character Elbow Grease. He is not the best but he is true to himself. 

Niki Bella husband likes tic tacs

The wrestlers in the ring may undergo a lot of pressure. Therefore to combat it they may have some secrets. So the secret of John Cena to feeling less anxious is tic tacs.   He said that he always eats tic tacs before the match to call his nerves. His mouth feels fresh. 

John Cena used to live in a car 

After college Cena moved to California to pursue a career in bodybuilding. At that time he had only $500 in his pocket. His dad warned him about running out of money. But he did not care at that time. He had a job at Venice Beach Gold’s Gym for $6 an hour. He did not have a house to live so he lived in a car. Now he is one of the richest wrestlers. 


These are some of the rare facts about Niki Bella and her ex-husband John Cena.