Pros vs. Cons: What Is the Best Type of Metal Roof for Your Home?

Metal Roof for Your Home

Demand for home improvement materials surged in 2020. That growth in the DIY market has largely been powered by the fact that people have never spent so much time isolated in their houses.

If you’re still on the home improvement project train and are wondering where to invest your money next, our advice is for you to put cash towards throwing the best type of metal roof you can find on your home. Why?

Because roofs bring both form and function to properties and metal roofs, in our opinion, are the pinnacle of roofing materials. Care to learn more about metal roofs so you can determine if buying one is the right decision for you?

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know!

Metal Roof Conceptions

We’ve talked to homeowners and contractors alike about metal roofs to better understand people’s perceptions of them. As it turns out, when consumers think about metal roofs, they assume that the roof will be made out of steel.

In truth, metal roofs come in a variety of flavors (each of which we’ll be discussing in a moment) that are suited to buyer’s budgets and sensibilities.

Contractors typically love metal roofs because they net them more money upfront (metal roofs are pricier than your traditional asphalt roof) and hold up well which creates a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Selecting Your Style

As we mentioned, metal roofing flavors are diverse. Don’t let that variety scare you though! Each roofing style has easy to discern qualities which we break down now:


Steel is perhaps the most sought-after iteration of metal roofing. That popularity stems from the fact that it looks wonderful, is sturdy, and is the most affordable type of metal roof you can purchase.

If you opt into throwing steel on your home, know you’re buying into recyclable, flexible material that will likely be among your local contractor’s inventory. All qualities that are important to most roof buyers!


Pre-World-War II, tin was a big-ticket in the roofing game. People flocked to it because it was plentiful (making it cheap) and was an easy material to work with which enabled DIY roofers to get jobs done.

We’ve seen a steep drop in tin adoption in recent decades because in many ways it mimics steel except steel tends to do everything a little bit better. Still, there are tin enthusiasts out there that enjoy it as roofing to this day. The trick may be to find a contractor that still works with the element.


Do you live near the beach? If you do and you’re adamant about buying into a metal roof, you’re going to want to make aluminum your top priority.

Aluminum features a variety of advantages including its high strength to weight ratio. Where it clearly stands out though is in the fact that it is resistant to saltwater corrosion.

Anybody that has lived in a coastal town for long enough knows that being able to avoid the damage salt-laden air carries can save you a lot of hassle and a lot of money. Speaking of money, aluminum roofs are on the more expensive side of the best type of metal roof spectrum.


For those of you that value durability above all else, have a look at copper. Sure, copper doesn’t exactly sound like the Rolls Royce of metal roofing (and it’s not). Function lovers will celebrate copper though for the fact that it has a long history of covering homes, is fully recyclable, and can last for over 200 years.

You read that right!

Imagine throwing a roof on your home, doing basic maintenance, and knowing that it’ll keep doing its job for centuries. That’s the kind of guarantee you’ll get with a roof that’s made of copper.

Copper’s biggest kryptonite is high temperatures as it has a relatively low melting point. Softening under high heat and hardening during cool evenings could lead to warping issues down the road.


Last but not least on our metal roofing rundown is Zinc. Zinc is also long-lasting (by some reports, even longer-lasting than copper). Part of the reason it’s able to hold up so well is that it sports many of the same qualities copper does with the notable exception that it is more resistant to erosion.

That makes zinc a better choice than copper if you’re living in a coastal town.

Opting Out of Metal Roofing

If you’re not sold on the value metal roofing can bring to your home, you have options. Roofs can be made at our asphalt, clay, wood shingles, and several other materials.

What we will say is that you should talk to metal roofing experts like those you’d find at London Eco Metal and other shops around the world. We’re confident that they can do a great job of selling you on metal roof’s merits and that you’d have a hard time saying no after fully appreciating its value.

Invest in the Best Type of Metal Roof on the Market Now

Managing roofing is a hassle. Given metal roofing’s durability, by taking the leap towards this roofing type, you’ll save yourself worlds of trouble managing your roof for decades into the future.

That’s a benefit that’s worth investing in so hop on the metal roofing train now!

Curious to know more about the best type of metal roof on the market, metal shingles, or other things related to home projects? If you are, we welcome you to explore the newest content available on our blog.

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